1.75 Million SIP Certified Cases of Wine

1.75 Million SIP Certified Cases

What do you get when you pick up a bottle of SIP Certified wine? The SIP Certified seal authenticates that the winegrower has passed a rigorous certification process for sustainable agriculture and business practices and is dedicated to: Preserving and protecting the natural environment Treating the employees and community with care Using sound business practices that recognize the impact of today’s actions on the future To date, over 1.75 million cases of wine are SIP Certified and we look forward to seeing more and more enter the marketplace each year. Ask for on SIP Certified … [Read more...]

Sustainability is not a Trend

Sustainability is Not a Trend

Sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming a cultural shift. - Natural Marketing Institute SIP Certification has authenticated sustainable vineyard farming practices throughout California since 2008 for small and large organizations alike. SIP Certified sets the gold standard for sustainability with independently verified, practice-based rules addressing the entire farm from habitat conservation to air quality; water conservation to energy efficiency; economic stability to care of farmworkers. As demand for eco-friendly products increases with consumers, environmentally aware … [Read more...]

Irrigation System Evaluations Cost Share


SIP Certified vineyards must test the irrigation system for distribution uniformity at least every five years by monitoring emitter outflows and pressure differences (Standard 4.2.1). Through a grant provided by PG&E, the Vineyard Team, developers of SIP Certified, will provide a cost share program for Irrigation Evaluations to assess distribution uniformity of irrigation systems. Evaluations will assess a system's uniformity of applied water, determine the causes of non-uniformity, and provide recommendations for improvement based on the protocol developed by the Irrigation Training … [Read more...]

Earth Day Food & Wine Weekend 2015

Blue Earth Fuscia GFGG

Earth Day Food & Wine Weekend 2015 The Earth Day Food and Wine Main event delivers a top quality food and wine experience paired with a casual, low-key atmosphere, all while celebrating the passionate people behind a sustainable food movement. Nestled under the oaks at Castoro Cellars in Templeton, California on April 23, premiere entry begins at 1pm, with general admission at 2pm.  Wear your boots, wear your flip-flops. Relax at VIP tables, or enjoy yourself picnic style. Event proceeds benefit educational scholarships for relatives of farmworkers and Spanish education programs of the … [Read more...]

Cooking for Solutions Make it Sustainable Weekend


Cooking for Solutions Make it Sustainable Weekend Learn how easy it is to live an ocean-friendly lifestyle during this weekend of fun culinary experiences at the Aquarium. Celebrate National Seafood Month with us and join celebrity chefs and personalities John Ash, Alton Brown, Sam Choy, William Dissen, Nathan Lyon and Nico Romo for two days of free family-friendly programs, cooking demos and tastings, plus The Party with Alton Brown—a lively, adults-only ticketed bash featuring wine, beer and sustainable cuisine. Activities include: Sustainable Foods Celebration throughout the … [Read more...]

Second Annual Sustainable Seafood Expo


Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is hosting its second annual Sustainable Seafood Expo. A showcase for restaurants and seafood purveyors striving to provide smart seafood alternatives with less impact on the marine environment. Come sample seafood, wine, craft beers and other beverages and find out how you can support sustainability in your everyday life. The event is located at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA. October 11, 2015 | Cabrillo Marine Aquarium | San Pedro, CA | 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PDT)   … [Read more...]

2015 SIP Vineyard Certification Eligibility Process


Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified is a rigorous sustainable vineyard and wine certification with strict, non-negotiable requirements. Certified vineyards should be proud of their achievement. July 15 - Documentation, Documentation + Onsite, and Full vineyard inspections completed Unless noted otherwise in the Standards, documentation should reflect practices from Dec. 1, 2014 - June/July 2015 (certification year is Dec. 1 - Nov. 30) Please note growers are subject to a late fee ($250-$500) for documentation received by the inspector after July 24, 2015 July 24, 2015 - … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Winery Makes Sustainable Changes Due to Drought

Paul & Patty Hoover

Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment. "What is Sustainability. " EPA. n.p. n.d. Being sustainable means that we are always striving to to better, always adapting new technology, always evolving with our environment. Sustainability means using science and research to make informed decisions; irrigating when plants need water, fertilizing when plants need nutrients, and communicating best practices with farm-workers and neighbors. SIP Certified farmers have a legacy … [Read more...]

Speaking and Pouring at Women In Green Forum


The Women In Green Forum has emerged as the premier conference series highlighting women's impact on the environmental industry. From the White House to Fortune 500 company leaders, the annual program features the environmental industry's brightest and most innovative speakers. SIP Certified looks forward to hosting a workshop on sustainability in the wine industry and sponsoring the evening reception with SIP Certified wines. August 26, 2015 | TreePeople Conference Center | Beverly Hills, CA … [Read more...]

Due July 15 – SIP Certified Vineyard Inspections

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SIP Certified Vineyard Inspections should be completed July 15, 2015.  Below are links to help finish up 2015 vineyard inspections. Find Vineyard Inspection Type to determine which Standards to document in the database. Document Vineyard Standards in the Database based on your Inspection Type. Full (Cycle 1) = complete all Standards documentation and onsite inspection Doc + Onsite (Cycle 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D” and “D+O” and onsite inspection Documentation (Cycle 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D” Vineyards in Cycle 2 or 3 with a Documentation inspection … [Read more...]