Since 2008, Sustainability in Practice Certification (SIP for short) established a program that infuses grape growing and wine making with a sense of responsibility. SIP Certification began with 3,700 certified acres in three counties. Today, there are nearly 32,000 certified acres  throughout California and over 1,500,000 cases of wine bearing the SIP seal being sold internationally!

SIP isn’t just about good grapes and good wine, SIP has developed a program that’s dedicated to People, the Planet, and Prosperity. We are committed to our ‘3 P’ approach ensuring that both natural and human resources are protected, all of which means you can enjoy wine that’s been grown for the greater good.

Caring for People, Farms & the Environment

We realize that how we farm winegrapes impacts everything beyond our fence line, so we work hard to protect our community, our workers, and our environment. It’s why we can offer you great wines.

  • Social Responsibility – We offer competitive wages, medical insurance, training, and education because each worker is a valuable resource
  • Water Conservation – We regularly monitor soils, plants, and weather, irrigating vines only when needed
  • Clean Water – We keep water clean by growing grasses to reduce erosion and filter storm runoff
  • Safe Pest Management– We introduce beneficial insects, attract raptors, and plant enriching cover crops to keep vineyards healthy
  • Energy Efficiency – We minimize tractor use to reduce our carbon footprint, and use alternative fuels and energy sources like solar and wind
  • Habitat – We create wildlife corridors to give animals access to traditional watering holes and food, helping to maintain biodiversity
  • Third Party Audit – We verify adherence to SIP’s strict Standards through third party documentation and onsite inspections
  • Improvement – We annually update and regularly peer review the farming Standards as Best Management Practices evolve with new science, technology and research