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Now That’s a Carrot!

August 1, 2008

After eating generic and less-than-fresh fruits and veggies, running across a “real” one can turn out to be quite the experience. It seems hard to believe that the difference will be quite noticeable to the untrained pallate. Well, let me tell you…it’s quite obvious.

On Mondays, the Cal Poly Organic Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program drops off a box overflowing with fruits and vegetables on the Central Coast Vineyard Team’s doorstep. They provide a crate with seasonal, locally-grown, and interesting produce. Cal Poly merges its personally grown produce with that of local farmers in order to provide a well-rounded box-full-of-goodness. The Vineyard Team staff joined together and subscribed to a large share box which feeds about 3-6 people for about $15 per week per person. When that box shows up, we gather around to see what’s included in the week’s delivery. The mere smell of the fragrant herbs and the sight of the colorful berries is enough to catch anyone’s attention.

I can barely contain myself. Did I mention that the path to my heart is drawn, no permanently marked, in food? You laugh, but it’s true. “Now that’s a carrot!” I exclaim, not realizing that everyone hears and giggles from my discovery. As I’m munching away on my delightful carrot, I’m already scheming at how I can get my hands on a couple more. Luckily, there are a lot in this week’s batch so I don’t have to fight anyone. Not that I would ever resort to that of course…

A “real” carrot is such a treat. I’m talking crisp, sweet, and straight out of the ground. I didn’t even hesitate to wash the thing off. I started chomping away the minute it was handed to me. So while I’ve obviously mastered the art of eating carrots plain, my next challenge is finding tasty recipes. While my little salads are note-worthy, I need to provide my carrot every opportunity to showcase its full potential. I’m thinking a carrot cake…oooh or maybe carrot and raisin bread…hmmmm.

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