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There’s Lots to See at Halter Ranch

June 18, 2009

In April, Adam the Wine Guy visited the Central Coast to attend the Third Annual Earth Day Food & Wine Festival. We could not let him set foot on the Central Coast without getting his boots out to a  SIP Certified Vineyard. Adam was fortunate enough to explore Halter Ranch with Mitch Wyss, Vineyard Manager turned Tour Guide (he actually used to be a river guide back in the day). The two of them looked at insectary gardens, soil types, fish-filled resevoirs, champion oak trees, and of course vines. Mitch even let Adam drive the... [Read more...]

Recycled Cork Finds a New Home at Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery

May 28, 2009

Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery, located on Union Road in Paso Robles, has found a new home for thousands of recycled natural corks. Steinbeck partnered with Urban Farming's Vineyards Growing Veggies™ program to use natural cork in a summer community garden.   Read More >> [Read more...]

Cork Creations

May 12, 2009

Did you know over 12 billion natural corks are cast off into landfills around the world each year? What a waste! Natural cork is a valuable, resusable resource that when recycled finds a second life in flooring tiles, playground surfaces, garden mulch, and much more! Plus, there are plenty of creative and practical ways for you to reuse cork in your home! Check out these crazy, innovative creations that use recycled cork. [caption id="attachment_349" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cozy bird abode by Etsy"][/caption] Read More >> [Read more...]

Adam The Wine Guy Tastes Villa Creek

May 7, 2009

The Earth Day Food & Wine Festival boasted a head count of 1,000 people. Among those? Adam "the wine guy" Leemon, blogger and wine critic, travels the world searching out the best and the brightest wines. We caught up with him at the Villa Creek booth as he tasted their 2006 Avenger Rhone blend. Check out the video below. It's monkey time! [Read more...]

Adam The Wine Guy Visits Halter Ranch

May 7, 2009

Adam "the wine guy" Leemon, blogger and wine critic, travels the world searching for powerful, exotic, and amazing wines. Last week, he visited Halter Ranch where owner Mitch Wyss gave him a taste of the 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. Halter Ranch is certified sustainable through the SIP Certification Program. Check out his video posted below. It's monkey time! [youtube=] [Read more...]

Last Supper

May 7, 2009

After a beautiful day out at the Santa Margarita Ranch for the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, it seemed only natural that we wrap a successful event with a last supper at Artisan. Sunday evening proved to be a busy night at Artisan and our group filled a table in the front. Kris O'Connor, Executive Director of Central Coast Vineyard Team, invited a few of our SIP (Sustainability In Practice) certified growers (Kathy D'Andrea and Carmine Rubino, D'Anbino; Erin Amaral, Baileyana/Tangent; Dana Merrill, Pomar Junction) to join us along with blogger and wine critic,... [Read more...]

SUCH a Good Idea!

May 5, 2009

  One line said it all: “This is SUCH a good idea!” Of course, this happy person had to be referring to the CCVT’s 3rd Annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival held at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch on April 18. This year’s sold out event featured over 100 booths offering award-winning wines, tasty food, and information about sustainable businesses. The weather was perfect, Big Daddy’s Blues Band was cookin’ with a solar powered sound system, and a good – no, make that – great time was had by all. Of special significance was the... [Read more...]

Helping to Green Fisheries with Some Greenbacks

April 14, 2009

The Central Coast has once again reeled in some attention about sustainability, this time in regards to fishing. As part of a new program aimed at bolstering sustainable fishing practices, two local businesses – Central Coast Seafood and Morro Bay Fish Company – are netting $275,000 in loans and credit from a new $5 million fund administered by the California Fisheries Fund and developed with support from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The Morro Bay companies were reportedly chosen because of the local industry’s existing efforts to switch to more sustainable fishing practices. Read More... [Read more...]

SIP Wines Make the “A List” at SLO’s Pizza Fusion

March 26, 2009

The business model of Pizza Fusion (a nationwide franchised chain) is green to the core – green right down to the recycled blue jeans used for wall insulation, green right down to the organic red tomato sauce used in the pizzas, green right down to the hybrid delivery vehicles, green right down to the bamboo pizza peels (those paddle shaped things used to slip the pies in and out of the oven). So, what about the wine list at such a place, in particular, the newly opened location in San Luis Obispo? Owner Brandon Borene... [Read more...]

Fuzzy Lawnmowers

March 2, 2009

  Laetitia Vineyards has ditched the tractors and the Round-Up for a more furry alternative to weeding. Laetitia is home to a herd of 200 goats protected by "Lucky" the Llama. These fuzzy friends munch on weeds in the vineyard, keeping them short and leaving more water for the vines!   [Read more...]