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SIP Certified Launches Dedicated Sustainable Wines Sections in Grocery Stores

April 30, 2019

California Fresh Market has recently launched SIP Certified sections in the wine departments at their San Luis Obispo and Pismo locations for April and May of 2019.

This is one of the first examples in the US of a retailer devoting an entire section to SIP Certified wines. The move signals a new development in an emerging national trend. Studies indicate that consumers name sustainability as an important attribute when it comes to purchasing wines. A recent survey showed that 66% of sustainable wine consumers use labels and in-store information to identify eco-friendly and sustainably produced wines.

SIP Certified will use information garnered from the program at California Fresh Market to expand their efforts nationally.


Want to set up a SIP Certified sustainable section with your retailers? Contact | 805.466.2288 for more information on how we can partner and cost share.

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