5/14 SIP Smart Seminar | Niner Wine Estates
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5/14 SIP Smart Seminar | Niner Wine Estates

March 22, 2019

May 14, 2019 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch provided)

Niner Wine Estates | 2400 Highway 46 West | Paso Robles, CA

An event dedicated to sustainability: what it means to be SIP Certified and how to share your part in taking care of the people and the planet with customers.

We are bringing together experts to share the latest:

  • What is SIP Certified?
  • Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic
  • Winegrowing Fact or Fiction
  • Predators, Prey, & Pests – Zoo to You
  • The Front Lines of Education: Vineyard Walk & Tasting
  • Strength in Sustainability: New Branding Plan for SIP Certified

Whether you work in the vineyard, tasting room, marketing, or sales, this seminar is for you.

Free for SIP Certified attendees | $30 for non-certified attendees


What is SIP Certified?

Research shows that sustainability is an important factor in wine buying. SIP Certified is a rigorous sustainable vineyard and winery program designed to meet the sustainability demand of consumers. Learn how being SIP Certified means protecting the people and the planet.

Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic

Sustainability is important to a large consumer group. The problem is that many consumers want eco-wines, but are confused by different claims and labels. Paul Crout of Helena explains the similarities and differences between three farming systems: sustainable, organic, and biodynamic.

Winegrowing Fact or Fiction

Is machine harvesting bad for wine quality? Can every vineyard be dry farmed? Learn what is fact and what is fiction. Craig Macmillan of Vineyard Team will help you educate your customers about sustainability.

Predators, Prey, & Pests

Zoo to You brings the feathered and furry friends and frenemies you commonly find in the vineyard. Together with Lucas Pope of Halter Ranch, learn how these animals impact winegrowing.

The Front Lines of Education: Tasting & Vineyard Walk

Learn how SIP Certified veterans Matt Brain of Baker & Brain and the team at Niner Wine Estates create a sustainable experience for their customers, creating a greater awareness of sustainable wine production.

Strength in Sustainability – Marketing Plan

Learn about SIP Certified’s new marketing and communications plan. Find out how you can get involved in our branding, retail, industry, trade, social media and PR campaigns plus how to incorporate the SIP Certified message into your own marketing efforts. Together we can share the message of social responsibility and sustainability with consumers.

Thank you to the CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grand Program.