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Have you considered improving your sustainability at your vineyard or winery?

Why Should You do the Self-Assessment?

  1. Review your whole operation in one place.

  2. Learn the latest science-based practices.

  3. Find new technology & improve your efficiency.

  4. Teach your team members about sustainability.

  5. Set goals to advance your business.

Here's What Your Peers Say

"Self-assessment drives self-improvement. Self-assessment provides the opportunity to gauge one’s progress on the unending continuum of sustainability, as new insights and concepts that accelerate the pace of our collective understanding evolves and develops."   - Steve McIntyre, Monterey Pacific

"We can’t make progress without a thorough look at our practices and an honest look at ourselves. When we evaluate as an industry, we can all rely on each other and make leaps and bounds forward. The SIP Certified Self-Assessment has brought all of this together for us as winegrowers."  - Jim Stollberg of Maverick Farming

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