Adding Acres? Increased Capacity?
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Adding Acres? Increased Capacity?

March 10


If you are adding more acres or increased capacity at your winery, your inspection type may change. Please contact and we will help you streamline the process.

A full inspection (Cycle 1) is required if:

  • Vineyards: acres added to certification that are contiguous to existing certified acres and greater than 20% of the currently certified acres.
  • Wineries: facilities that increase by 50% or more of the currently certified capacity (measured in total gallon capacity of tanks and barrels)

Schedule Your Inspection

Select a specific date between March 15 and July 15 – for all inspection types.

We are thrilled with how much SIP Certified has grown - that also means inspectors have more to review. To make sure every applicant meets the deadlines, we ask that you coordinate a specific date with your inspector.

  1. Call or email your inspector to select a specific date between March 15 and July 15
  2. Login to the database
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Below Appl. click the icon (to the right of the property name)
  5. Under Inspection, Inspection Scheduled, select the agreed upon inspection date
  6. Under Inspection, Inspector, select the Inspector name from drop-down
  7. Click Save
  8. Your inspector can now see your Standards documentation