Are your blocks, varieties, acres, and gallons accurate?
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Are your blocks, varieties, acres, and gallons accurate?

March 13


Certification fees are calculated based on your certified acres and gallons. To ensure accurate invoicing, please take a few minutes to review your blocks, varieties, acres, and gallons in the database.

Not sure how? Learn how to make the updates in 3 minutes with our tutorial!


It's inspection season!

Select your inspector and schedule your inspection between March 15th and July 15th. Watch our tutorials to see how to find your inspection type, select your inspector, and review your inspector's comments.



Due Dates & Eligibility

  • March 15 - July 15 –  Inspections.
    • Applicants are subject to late fees ($250 - $500) for late documentation.
  • August – Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) votes on eligibility.
  • Late August – Notification of eligibility and invoicing.
  • September/October – Certification is finalized with the payment of fees.
    • You will receive a certification letter, certificate, marketing materials, and property sign (new applicants).
  • December 1 – Renew certification for 2024 (takes less than 5 minutes!).
  • December 5  –  Year-Ends are due
    In order to ease workload through the holiday season, Year-Ends will be due Dec 5.
    • Vineyards
      • 9.1.2: Year-End Pesticide Use Reports (July – Nov.)
      • Chapter 14: Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports
    • Wineries
      • 11.3.4 Noise Testing (every three years)

Seasons of Sustainability: Spring

Spring is just around the corner! While Spring around the vineyard and winery may not be the busiest time of the year, it’s actually a time of the year in the vineyard when successful farming will ensure a good harvest come Fall. Click here to read our tips for the Spring Season of Sustainability!