Do you need Management Groups?
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Do you need Management Groups?

posted: May 29, 2023

Do you have multiple Properties with the same answers across Pollution and Waste (7), Social Equity (11), Continuing Education (12), and Business Management (13)? Create a Management Group to answer them all at once.

Watch the tutorial to learn how the Management Group function works, and how to create and use them to answer these linked questions.

Please note that if edits to linked questions are made through a Property application and the Property is part of a Management Group, the changes will be reflected in each individual Property that makes up the Management Group.

Due Dates & Eligibility

  • March 15 - July 15 –  Inspections
    • Please note that applicants are subject to late fees ($250 - $500) for late documentation.
  • August – Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) votes on eligibility
  • Late August – Notification of eligibility
  • September/October – Certification is finalized with the payment of fees
    • You will receive a certification letter, certificate, marketing materials, and property sign (new applicants)
  • December 1 – Renew certification for 2024 (takes less than 5 minutes!)
  • December 5  –  Year-Ends are due
    In order to ease workload through the holiday season, Year-Ends are due Dec 5.
    • Vineyards
      • 9.1.2 Year-End Pesticide Use Reports (July – Nov.)
      • Chapter 14: Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports
    • Wineries
      • 11.3.4 Noise Testing (every three years)

Schedule your inspection

Select your inspector and schedule your inspection before July 15. Watch our tutorials to see how to find your inspection type, and select your inspector.

Does your application need corrections?

Have you heard from your inspector? If your application needs corrections, your inspector will leave comments in the database.

Watch the 1-minute tutorial to see how to review your inspector’s comments.

Reminder: acreage rate discounts for same-ownership

Did you know that we aggregate certification fees for same-ownership properties? This could potentially lower your pricing tier! Check that ownership of your Properties is accurate, and contact us with updates.