January Certification Tips
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January Certification Tips

December 21


1/13 & 2/10 How To Webinars

Whether you are new to managing the program or a veteran, this webinar will show you how to use the database and review important deadlines to help you successfully achieve SIP Certified for your vineyard, winery and wines.

What to Update

Update your certification a little each month to prepare for your June 1 - July 15, 2021 inspection. Login to the database to read each specific Standard as you implement and document them. Update this month:

  • 9: Pest Management
  • 11: Social Equity

*Unless noted, documentation should reflect practices from Dec. 1, 2020 to June/July 2021.

How To Videos

Manage multiple vineyards? Use Management Groups to streamline your documentation and inspection.

Review how to use the database and document the Standards.

Review the certification process so you are prepared for inspections June/July 2021.