Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards
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Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards

July 14


Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards

The SIP Certified standards undergo a peer review by representatives from the university and extension system, state and federal agencies, agricultural professionals, and environmental and social organizations every five years.

Our Technical Advisory Committee then carefully considers each individual comment to make improvements, adjustments, and clarifications to maintain robust and comprehensive Standards.

The 2023 SIP Certified Standards peer review was completed in February 2022, and the Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the comments in March 2022.

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Thank you for your dedication to sustainability!

  • August – Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) votes on eligibility
  • Late August – Notification of eligibility
  • September/ October – After certification is finalized with the payment of fees, you will receive a certification letter, certificate, marketing materials, and property sign (new applicants)
  • December 1 – Renew certification for 2023 (takes less than 5 minutes!)
  • December 15:
    • Vineyards complete Year-End 9.1.1 (July – Nov. pesticide use reports) and Chapter 14.
    • Wineries complete 3.1.1 Noise Testing every three years.

Please note applicants are subject to a late fee ($250-$500) for documentation received by the inspector after July 25, 2022 and January 2, 2023.