Seasons of Sustainability: Spring
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Seasons of Sustainability: Spring

March 13


Spring is just around the corner! While Spring around the vineyard and winery may not be the busiest time of the year, it’s actually a time of the year in the vineyard when successful farming will ensure a good harvest come Fall.

In the Vineyard

  • Release beneficial insects for biocontrol.
  • Remove excess shoots to reduce disease pressure, improve airflow and spray penetration, and improve quality.
  • Test plant nutrient status to calculate fertilizer needed.

In the Winery

  • Rack and blend wines.
  • Wash barrels with high temperature/low flow systems.
  • Secure Certificate of Label Approvals (COLAs).

For All

  • Join events for outreach and community involvement.
  • Attend Continuing Education courses.


Spring is also inspection season for SIP Certified vineyards and wineries! Schedule your inspection between March 15 and June 15.

Please note that applicants are subject to late fees ($250-$500) for late documentation.