Do you have the 2023 Prohibited Materials List?
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Do you have the 2023 Prohibited Materials List?

December 8


2023 Prohibited Materials List

The 2023 Prohibited Materials List (PML) is here! Materials on this list have been flagged by the Department of Pesticide Regulation and cannot be used on certified acres between December 1, 2022 and November 30, 2023. Please share this list with anyone making spray decisions at your vineyard.

The 2023 SIP Certified Standards are Live!

The SIP Certified Standards are a living document. The rules are constantly being improved through Peer Reviews (every 5 years), Committee reviews (annually), and grower feedback. You can read the 2023 SIP Certified Standards here.

Wondering what's changed from 2022's Standards? Check out the 2023 Updates document.

Year-Ends are Due on Thursday

Submit Year-End reports to your inspector via the Database by this Thursday, December 15th to avoid late fees.

Here is what's due:

  • Vineyards
  • Wineries
    • 11.3.4 noise testing (every three years)

Please note applicants are subject to late fees ($250-$500) for late reports.


Tips for 2023 Certification

Update your certification documents a little each month to prepare for your inspection between March 15, 2023 and July 15, 2023.

  • Chapter 3: Winery Facility Establishment and Management
  • Chapter 4: Vineyard Soil Conservation and Surface Water Quality

Log in to the database to read each specific Standard as you implement and document them.

Unless noted otherwise, documentation should reflect practices from Dec. 1, 2022 to June/July 2023