Three Reasons to Join SIP Certified
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Three Reasons to Join SIP Certified

posted: January 26, 2021

SIP Certified is committed to providing our members with resources, training, and insights. These benefits are invaluable means to stay up to date on certification as well as advancements in sustainable farming and winemaking techniques. Growing our community of members through referrals is an important way to grow the organization in a natural way through word of mouth from trusted referral sources (you!). Here are three reasons to join SIP Certified that you can share when talking with your colleagues:

1. Consumer Demand:

According to Wine Intelligence, 74% of consumers would consider buying sustainable wine in the future and, “While organic wine is more universally understood, sustainably produced wine has the highest future purchase consideration.” Sustainable products are popular amongst millennials and all age cohorts look to bottles for visual reassurance that the product is produced sustainably. 

2. A Commitment to the Planet:

SIP Certified is the strictest program to assess the environmental, social, and community health of vineyards and wineries. Winegrowers are independently audited according to standards that look at sustainable practices on every level from farm labor to agriculture – from energy conservation to water quality. These Standards evolve every year and SIP Certified makes sure you have the education and resources to evolve with them. 

3. A Network of Resources:

SIP Certified offers a bevvy of workshops, trainings, a podcast, and webinars throughout the year that help you learn more about sustainable practices and how to incorporate your good work into your marketing. In addition to these types of resources, SIP Certified is now offering a classifieds page to showcase available SIP Certified fruit and wine for sale. This page is accessible to not only SIP Certified members, but the wine industry and wine producers at large. 

We are excited to offer a ticket to our upcoming Sustainable Ag Expo as a thank you for any referrals sent our way who complete the registration process. This Sustainable Ag Expo ticket (worth $345) is transferable to employees and clients and is an excellent way to keep abreast of the ever-evolving world of sustainable agriculture. Our referral program perks do expire at the end of February so act now!

Please have your referral reach out directly to Beth Vukmanic and let them know to mention you as a referral. You’re also welcome to set up the introduction via email or phone.