Tips: Review Standards | Schedule Inspection
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Tips: Review Standards | Schedule Inspection

June 1


Schedule Inspection

Schedule SIP Certified Vineyard & Winery inspections between June 1 and July 15, 2020.

Call or email your inspector to select a date.

1. Login to the database
2. Click Certifications
3. Below Appl. click the icon (to the right of to your vineyard name)
4. Under Inspection, Inspection Scheduled, select the agreed upon inspection date
5. Under Inspection, Inspector, select the Inspector name from drop down
6. Click Save
7. Your inspector can now see your Standards documentation

Inspector & Member Onsite Protocol:

As we begin inspections for SIP Certified vineyards and wineries between June 1 and July 15, we are taking measures to keep all our members and inspectors safe.
  • Tour the property in separate vehicles
  • Maintain six-foot social distancing
  • Wear appropriate face covering
  • Reschedule inspection if either party has a cough or fever
We understand there may be some challenges or delays when working with outside contractors. Please contact me if you run into any issues completing a Requirement and we will make other arrangements.

What to Document:

  • Full (Cycle 1) = complete all Standards documentation and onsite inspection
  • Documentation (Cycle 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D” and review D+O (inspected if you have the Impromptu inspection [48 hours notice of an onsite inspection])
  • Doc+Onsite (Cycle 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D” and “D+O” and onsite inspection
  • All applicants should complete new Standards marked with “!”