What to do this April
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What to do this April

posted: April 3, 2023

Update your application a little each month to ease your workload come certification season.

What to do this month:

SIP tip: save cost on your inspection by clearly naming your uploads (ex: 2023_Pest Scouting_My Vineyard) and deleting old documents so your inspector can quickly find and review this year’s documents.

Has your acreage/capacity changed?

Certification fees are calculated based on your certified acres and gallons. To ensure accurate invoicing, please take a few minutes to review your blocks, varieties, acres, and gallons in the database.

Not sure how? Learn how to make the updates in 3 minutes with our tutorial!


Schedule your inspection before July 15th

Inspections are open! Select your inspector and schedule your inspection between now and July 15th.

Watch our tutorials to see how to find your inspection type, select your inspector, and review their feedback on your application:


What's your Sustainable Story?

It’s here! The tool that you need to tell your Sustainable Story.

We know that telling your sustainable story can help you sell more wine… but many consumers still don’t know what makes a product sustainable.

That’s why for the last 12 months, we have been working on a new tool to help you tell your customers how you care for the people and the planet: Sustainable Stories from SIP Certified Members.

Over the next 7 months, we will help you incorporate your good work into every aspect of your business from staff training to self-guided QR tours for your visitors, refreshing your photography on any budget to increasing sales.

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