What to do this May
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What to do this May

posted: May 1, 2023

Update your application a little each month to ease your workload come certification season.

What to do this month:

SIP Tip: save cost on your inspection by clearly naming your uploads (ex: 2023_Pest Scouting_My Vineyard) and deleting old documents so your inspector can quickly find and review this year’s documents.

Have you scheduled your inspection?

It only takes two minutes! Watch our tutorials to learn how.

Inspections must be scheduled between March 15 and July 15. Please note that applicants are subject to late fees ($250 - $500) for late reports.

Use Storytelling to Sell More Wine

Kathy Kelley, Professor of Horticultural Marketing and Retail Business Management at Penn State University, conducted research on using storytelling to share cover cropping practices with wine-drinking customers. She found that customers were willing to pay one to four dollars more per bottle after learning about the specific sustainable practices (listen to her 20-minute interview with Craig Macmillan)!

We created the Our Sustainable Story tool to help you identify and communicate 7 sustainable practices that are specific to your company. Bring it to your next staff meeting and use it as a training and conversational exercise. We highly encourage you to invite your farmer so they can describe what sustainability looks like out in the vineyard.

Sell or buy SIP Certified grapes and/or wine

The SIP Certified Classifieds makes it easy to buy and sell sustainably produced grapes and wine! We often get calls and emails from brands looking for SIP Certified grapes and wine, so we developed a free, easy-to-use Classified section on our website where members can post their products, and buyers can easily find them.

Click here to learn how to sell your SIP Certified products.

Need POS materials?

Case sleeves, case cards,  bottle neckers, and more -- they're included in your SIP Certified membership! Click here to place your order.