Wine Customer Segments and How to Talk SIP With Them
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Wine Customer Segments and How to Talk SIP With Them

posted: February 28, 2020

Not all wine tasters are alike - a major understatement. As traffic ebbs and flows in tasting rooms, it’s evident that interests, price points, and preferences differ. There’s the outgoing couple that wants to know all the details of wine production. There is the lone taster on vacation with a notebook who just makes his own tasting notes. And naturally, there’s the group of friends who get a little boisterous and lose interest when the tasting room host talks about technical attributes of the wine. Wine Intelligence recently published a study outlining six distinct consumer segments in wine. It’s important to know how to talk to each of them about sustainability.

1. Engaged Explorers:

Young, fun, ready for adventure and super into trying new wines, regions, and producers. These are consumers who like to travel to wine regions and are likely to spend more. SIP Talk: Talk about sustainability vs. organic and biodynamic. They’ll appreciate the knowledge!

2. Premium Brand Suburbans:

These folks skew older, know what they like and know a lot about wine. They’re usually not be big spenders, but in wine country can be die-hard loyalists at any price. SIP Talk: Get technical and talk about how fruit quality is measured- Brix, pH, and TA. They’ll dig the attention to detail!

3. Contented Treaters:

They don’t drink a ton, but when they do, they don’t care how much it costs and are looking for an engaging origin story to tell at one of their fabulous cocktail parties. SIP Talk: Stick to casual cocktail talk and discuss fun elements of sustainable vineyards like using owls and other integrated pest management practices.

4. Social Newbies:

They’re young, new to wine and relying heavily upon recommendations and valued information. SIP Talk: Stick to the three Ps of sustainability- People Planet, Prosperity. They’ll love this 360° approach and be able to pass it along with confidence.

5. Senior Bargain Hunters:

The largest segment of wine drinkers in the USA, they appreciate value. SIP Talk: Value-driven sustainable initiatives like monitoring utility usage and recycling programs.

6. Kitchen Casuals:

Very infrequent wine drinkers who rarely stray from what they know and are not as interested in wine as they are in other beers and spirits. SIP Talk: Stick to the basics of what sustainability is and how drinking SIP Certified wine is a win for the people and environment.

Wine Customer Segments and How to Talk SIP With Them

Remember no matter who the customer is, have fun, make them feel comfortable and try to understand who they are as a wine consumer so you can share information they find valuable and in turn, make sales.