Year-Ends are Due December 15th
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Year-Ends are Due December 15th

November 24


Year-Ends are Due December 15th

Submit Year-End reports to your inspector via the Database.

Here is what's due:

  • Vineyards
    • 9.1.2 Pesticide Use Reports (July - Nov.)
    • Chapter 14 Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports (tutorials)
  • Wineries
    • 11.3.4 noise testing (every three years)

Please note applicants are subject to a late fee ($250-$500) for documentation received by the inspector after the January 2, 2023 deadline.

Want Help Calculating Water and Nitrogen Use?

If you want tips on how to complete Chapter 14 Water and Nitrogen Use for SIP Certified (due December 15, 2021), watch our tutorial videos.

Calculating the amount of water and Nitrogen applied to a vineyard is important for tracking inputs and improving efficiency. Still have questions? Please reach out to me at

The 2023 SIP Certified Standards are Live!

Every five years, the SIP Certified Standards undergo a peer review by representatives from the university and extension system, state and federal agencies, agricultural professionals, and environmental and social organizations.

This Peer Review process ensures we maintain a robust and comprehensive program, receive insight from experts who aren't directly tied to the program, and keep the Standards up-to-date and relevant in the sustainable agricultural and wine business.

The Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards was completed in February 2022 by fifteen experts in various fields. The Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the comments in March 2022.


If you Haven't Already ...

Renew your certification! It's easy and takes about 5 minutes.

Here's how:

  • Log in to the Database
  • Click Certifications
  • Click Renew (to the right of the property name
  • Read the instructions
  • Check all boxes
  • Initial and click "Renew My Certification Now"
  • Review your contact info and blocks & acres (vineyards)

Tips for 2023 Certification

Update your certification documents a little each month to prepare for your inspection between March 15, 2023 and July 15, 2023.

  • Chapter 3: Winery Facility Establishment and Management
  • Chapter 4: Vineyard Soil Conservation and Surface Water Quality
    • Order your soil samples.
    • Take photos of your cover crops.
    • Take photos of erosion control methods.

Unless noted otherwise, documentation should reflect practices from Dec. 1, 2022 to June/July 2023