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Check your mailbox!

June 5


Want a quick reference for the 7 Values at an arm’s reach? Sounds like you need the new tasting room table sign!

Just in time for the summer winetasting season, the new signs feature a graphic of the 7 Values on the front, and a QR code to “read this month’s Sustainable Story” on the back.

We sent two framed signs to 63 SIP Certified tasting rooms listed in the database (don't worry -- we reused that bubble wrap from the original shipment!). If your tasting room address is in the database, you can expect to have your signs delivered within the next week.

If your tasting room address is not in the database, contact us and we’ll send you your signs!

SIP Tip: remove the plastic film from your frame for a fog-less display.


Tell your story all summer long

If you’ve been following the Marketing Tips for the past few months, you’ve definitely heard about the Sustainable Stories project.

We created an easy-to-use template to help you talk about sustainability with your team and your clientele. By adhering to the Standards, SIP Certified members like you inherently embody 7 sustainable values through daily practices.

3 easy steps

If you haven’t written your Sustainable Story yet, take these three easy steps with your team so you all have 7 specific practices to talk about all summer long.

1. Download the worksheet (Worksheet for Print | Worksheet for Electronic Filling)
2. Complete it with your whole team.
3. Share your stories!

Summer is wine tasting season – and it’s just around the corner!

Download the worksheet and complete it.

Have you been asked, "what is SIP Certified?"

We put the answer right at the top of our website’s Home page! In just two sentences, you can answer this common question.

Scroll down the page to get more in-depth with your explanation.

  • Read what it means to address the 3 P’s of Sustainability.
  • Revisit the 7 Values.
  • Be inspired by Sustainable Stories.
  • Learn about the roots of our parent company, Vineyard Team!