Crafting a Year in Review
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Crafting a Year in Review

November 15


It is a very healthy business practice to create a year in review. This not only tracks your peaks and valleys but allows for great perspective while planning for the next year. Sharing your year in review with internal staff and stakeholders also provides increased employee engagement and participation in overall company goals. Consider using a template for this report so it maintains consistency throughout the years.

Celebrate Wins

Cheers your company and your employees for all of your successes over the last year. Decide which of these milestones you want to share across social media, email marketing campaigns and, by all means, share these wins with current and prospective customers.

Earning/Maintaining Certification

Are you a newly SIP Certified vineyard or winery this year or did you maintain your certification by instituting new sustainability programs? Celebrate this information not only for the good of the company but for the good of the planet.

Wine Awards, Scores, and Press

Don’t be shy about patting yourself on the back! Boast those great scores you received this year or share those medals you won at a wine competition. You work hard on your wines and should not be shy about sharing your accolades.

Getting press is not an easy feat and it’s the perfect time of the year to reshare any articles, news features, or other press-related content where you were featured.

Harvest Differentiators 

We all know the beauty of wine is that different years bring different flavor profiles. The end of the year is a great time to document some of the differentiating factors of your latest growing season and harvest. Was it a warmer year? Was the rain scarce? Were you forced to pick at different times than the year previous? Document this information so it’s easily accessible when this vintage is bottled and it’s time to write tasting notes and tech sheets.

Popular Social Posts

With so many tools available to share memories on Facebook, find your Top Nine posts on Instagram, and create your own end-of-the-year videos, it is easier than ever to create dynamic and informative content pieces. Take the time to share these types of memories and important milestones to your followers as it also reminds them why they love your brand.

Internal Year in Review

Aside from all of the fun, celebratory information, an annual review should also take a look at how your business did financially. How were vineyard yields? What did tasting room traffic look like? Wine club attrition rates? These are all things that should be tracked year over year (YOY) to make sure goals are met and when planning for the year ahead, you have the data points to support sales and marketing planning.

Thank you for a sustainable 2021 and cheers to 2022!