Does your wine club know about SIP Certified?
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Does your wine club know about SIP Certified?

March 31


Include this information about SIP Certified in your next wine club email or shipment! Your members will enjoy hearing about the good work you're doing to care for the people and the planet.

The 3 P’s: People, Planet, and Prosperity

SIP Certified is a rigorous sustainable vineyard, winery, and wine certification with strict, non-negotiable standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest. Certification addresses the 3 P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet, Prosperity – ensuring that both natural and human resources are protected.

The rules, called Standards, require a measurable, holistic set of practices addressing habitat, water, energy, soil, recycling, air quality, packaging, pest management, social equity, and business management. Participants document dozens of requirements and implement sustainable practices. Practices are verified through independent records and on-site inspections and receive final approval from an independent advisory board.

Promoting Sustainable Winegrowing Since 2008

SIP Certified evolved from the award-winning self-assessment (Positive Points System) developed by Vineyard Team which helped growers evaluate their sustainable practices on every level, from habitat to water, soil to human resources. After four years of intensive review by viticulture experts and experienced growers, SIP Certified launched its pilot program in 2008 with 3,700 acres of vines between Monterey and Santa Barbara counties.

Today, there are over 42,000 vineyard acres in California and Michigan, five wineries, and more than 49 million bottles of wine that have been SIP Certified. Consumers around the world can now find a wide array of sustainably produced wines to fit their needs, budgets, and stylistic preferences.

Our Values

  • Social Responsibility - Competitive wages, medical insurance, training, and education.

  • Water Management - Reduced/ recycled water in the vineyards and winery.

  • Safe Pest Management - Introduce beneficial insects, attract raptors, and plant enriching cover crops to keep vineyards healthy.

  • Energy Efficiency - Alternative fuels and energy sources like solar and wind; minimal tractor usage; enhanced insulation in the winery.

  • Habitat - Create wildlife corridors and preserve open space.

  • Business - Ethical practices; treat employees and community with care and respect.

  • Always Evolving - Evolve as new science, technology, and research becomes available.

Order the Owl Post Card for your next wine club shipment!

April is Earth Month!

During the month of April, and especially on Earth Day (April 22), share your sustainability initiatives with your customers, wine club, and the public.

Social Media

Use the official Earth Day 2022 hashtag, #investinourplanet, along with #sipcertified, #earthday2022 #WhatWillYouDo #EarthDay #EarthDayEveryDay #ClimateChange #Environment #Sustainability #TakeAction


Consider dedicating an April newsletter to talk about Earth Day, your SIP Certified sustainability initiatives, and why protecting the environment is more important now than ever before. Link to a page on your website that discusses your sustainability efforts or link to the SIP Certified website so customers can learn more about the program.


Offer a special wine pack in celebration of Earth Month! Include a SIP Certified postcard and an insert that talks about your sustainability initiatives and why protecting the environment is important to your company.

In the Tasting Room

Train your tasting room staff to talk about the six SIP Certified buzzwords and the three P’s of sustainability (people, planet, prosperity).

Get the conversation started with laminated SIP Certified Eco Charts that can be kept behind the bar.

Showcase printed materials that highlight your cover crops, biodiversity, rainwater capture, or other sustainability efforts can also be valuable.

Keep SIP Certified owl postcards by the cash register so customers can learn more!


Use Earth Month as leverage to partner with local wine retailers on a SIP Certified POS retail Display to get customers engaged. Ready to order? Click here.

Earth Day Action Toolkit

For additional ideas on how to leverage Earth Day, along with suggested social media posts, graphics, resources, and more, check out the official Earth Day Action Toolkit here.