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Market the SIP Out of It

September 1


Training Topic #3

Marketing SIP Certified wines in your tasting room is becoming a breeze, right?  Your team is equipped with the tools to tell your story to folks who purposefully walk in the door!

But what are you doing to draw attention to your sustainable wine in retail?

83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food. More and more consumers are asking their retailers about wineries that are certified, and what sets a brand apart from competitors on the shelf.

So how can SIP Certified help you entice the aimless shopper in the aisles of wine confusion to buy your brand?  Well, you know the barn owl insert that is available for your club shipments? We are now offering an irresistible, attention-grabbing raptor in retail display formats to perch right on top of your floor stacks!

Get Your Retail Displays

So.......what are you waiting for?

We have case sleeves, single stack case cards, and a 30x38 sign (double sided) for triple or quadruple stacks. Free for a limited time.

Kevin Sass, Winemaker at Halter Ranch, shares his recent success in the marketplace with these displays.

Using the SIP Certified brand has opened the door for us at Halter Ranch with amazing independent retail partners like “Bottles” in South Carolina. These retailers need something to differentiate themselves from others, and having a SIP Certified display that supports sustainability is right up their alley. Everyone shops in the organic aisle at grocery stores, but neglects to do the same about their wine choice. Why? The two sit side by side at the dinner table. It’s only a matter of time until customers start to apply the same criteria when purchasing their wine.

Not only did the retailer set up SIP Certified case stack displays; they followed it up with this post to their 10,000 subscribers! Here is Bottles Wine Director, Mike van Beyre's take on SIP Certified,

With literally thousands of conventional wines in the marketplace, more and more customers are seeking out wines that are farmed organically and sustainable. Just like the organic section in the produce department, people are drawn to a better tasting and better for you wine while knowing they are supporting a better planet.

Keep marketing the SIP out of it and please send us your success stories!


The goal of this series is to educate winery hospitality and sales professionals in a quick and simple way on how being SIP Certified can support you, in turn raising your customers awareness on what makes SIP Certified members so special, and ultimately increasing your sales and brand loyalty.

The program will deliver 10 topics over the course of the next 10 months, to give you new ideas (ways to market sustainability…). To add your team members emails to our list please visit:

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If you are new to the industry, we hope this series will be fresh and educational. If you are a wine veteran, our goal is to provide some refresher ideas to expand on your current set of tools.

As a SIP Certified  member, we realize you have many outstanding achievements and stories to tell about your brand, and we know it isn’t only about SIP Certified… however if you incorporate sustainability into your communication and sales strategy we are confident it’s a win(e)-win(e) for everyone!