SIP Certified 101 Webinar Recap
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SIP Certified 101 Webinar Recap

February 3


From best winegrowing practices to explaining your certification to marketing tips and tricks, this recording from the SIP Certified 101 webinar is jam-packed with valuable education. 

Leveraging your commitment to sustainability will not only make you stand out in a crowded marketplace but speaks to the growing trend of consumers opting for brands and products that have sustainable practices and values. After this webinar you will:

  • Know how to explain the 3 P's of sustainability
  • Learn about sustainable practices to share with your customers 
  • Discover the latest market research
  • Explore marketing tools and materials
  • Find more ways to learn about sustainability

Training Tools

  • e-Newsletter - Sign up for tips and tricks on how to share your commitment to sustainability in your marketing and sales.
  • SIP Smart Training - Take the course and test your sustainability knowledge. We recommend this for your entire team. Plus you can take it again every 6 months for a refresher.
  • SIP Certified 101 PDF - The basics of the SIP Certified program.
  • Talking SIP - Answers to your customer’s top questions.
  • Sustainability Buzzwords – talking points to use during tastings, phone calls, emails, or any other sales interaction.

Retail Displays & Handouts

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