SIP Certified 101
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SIP Certified 101

October 6


We are very excited to launch a four-part training series over the next few months that will empower our members' customer facing staff to speak with confidence about sustainable practices in the vineyard and the winery. These training materials are easy to distribute as PDF’s or posted in staff common areas. They provide an arsenal of information to help promote all things sustainability in your organization. From the basics of the SIP Certified program to sample talking points and important buzzwords, we look forward to bringing you a variety of training materials that are both fun and informative. 

SIP Certified 101


Get SIP Smart

We encourage staff to take the online training and quiz to flex their SIP knowledge. 

Welcome New Members!

In addition to these training materials, we would like to welcome our new members to the SIP Certified family: 

  • Al Pie del Cielo
  • Center of Effort (winery)
  • Chad Rava Vineyards
  • Dry Creek 
  • Edna Lemons & Wine
  • Fess Parker-Rodney's
  • John Anthony Vineyards-- Von Dollen Ranch
  • Mandava Family Vineyard
  • Moondance Partners
  • Nolan Ranch
  • Pali Wine Company
  • Que Sera Syrah Vineyard
  • Rava Ranch
  • Rava Wines
  • Refugio Ranch Roblar Winery and Vineyards
  • Shady Lane Cellars
  • Vino Vista Vineyards (The Links)