Spreading SIP Through Distribution Channels
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Spreading SIP Through Distribution Channels

July 21


As we mentioned earlier this month, your brand ethos is at risk of getting lost in the shuffle of distributor portfolios, on-premise lists, and supermarket shelves. The importance of communicating your sustainable practices can be conveyed on your label, but the real follow-through comes with providing training to your distribution partners and sales representatives in order to keep all things SIP Certified top of mind. 

Kristin Muhley, National Brand Manager for Ancient Peaks Winery explains her strategy,

There’s an expectation from consumers right now that all vineyards and wineries are doing some amount of work to be sustainable. We work with distributors to present sustainability via Zoom tastings with accounts and are SIP Certified centered.

This SIP Certified-centric training model sets you apart from other brands as more wine consumers are educated about the differences between Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable. Kristin continues,

The People aspect of sustainability is really resonating with accounts these days. Providing farmworkers with fair compensation and benefits, plus the focus on continued education to improve practices sets sustainability apart in the market.

As there are more market challenges than ever these days, we are here to provide resources to help you succeed in the marketplace. 


  • Differentiating your brand in the marketplace.

  • Training distribution partners on SIP Certified practices. 

  • Navigate training methods in a COVID world.  


  • Include the SIP Certified seal on labels. 

  • Order retail signage and materials.

  • Facilitate online training with distribution reps. 

  • Set up virtual tastings with key accounts to highlight SIP Certified practices. 

SIP Certified Manager, Beth, is available to host virtual trainings with your distribution reps and key accounts. Schedule today: beth@sipcertified.org.