Strategizing Social Media in 2020 Recording
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Strategizing Social Media in 2020 Recording

July 16


The vast Social Media landscape can feel overwhelming and daunting for brands big and small. Creating winning strategies that are manageable, drive sales, and increase brand engagement are crucial for success across all available platforms. Seasoned social media marketers Tamara Bingham, Marketing Manager at Jackson Family Wines, Danielle Cox, Social Media Manager at J. Lohr; and Megan Leon, Social Media Consultant discuss strategies for social media wins.

Key Takeaways:

Best Practices

  • Define the tone and voice of your brand; fonts, colors, types of imagery
  • Use insights to define your audience, tailor your content, and best times to post
  • Create a content calendar and monitor the current climate for relevance
  • Post with intent a few times a week; be consistent, include a call to action
  • Repost to reach more people

# Campaigns

  • Always search hashtag to see how and if they are being used
  • Use both common and unique hashtags
  • Follow trends for celebrations or themed months
  • Comment or respond with your hashtag if it is not in someone’s post to help tracking
  • Hashtags can be used on print material to encourage use of the hashtag


  • Record all live videos to repurpose later
  • Videos do not need to be polished, content is most important
  • Shorter videos are best for easy sharing on social
  • Share videos from other people that can relate to your brand
  • Creative video content ideas
    • Wine club exclusive events
    • Partner with complimentary brands or people

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