Summer of SIP
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Summer of SIP

June 3


Summer in wine country brings a wave of tourists, heat, and the impending excitement of harvest on the horizon. Sustainability efforts ramp up during these warm months in order to conserve energy and also keep crops on a healthy path to harvest. This is an excellent time to educate your tourists while preparing for upcoming SIP Certified audits and wine certifications. While many industries slow down in the summer, the wine industry presents an opportunity to show the ongoing process of farming and present wines in summer sipping situations.  

Tangent in the Edna Valley AVA of California is known for their crisp white wines that make for refreshing summer sippers and reminded us on social media that their Clone 530 Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect pair for raw oysters with a classic mignonette sauce. Niner Wine Estates added their Albariño to the tasting lineup reminding folks that this white wine varietal is a perfect pairing for warm summer days. 

Summer is also a time to revel in longer days and like Lafond Winery, keep your doors open a little later to take advantage of the sunlight and increase traffic numbers. It’s a great time to look at your traffic numbers from 2019 and reassess your hours and talk with your staff about what they feel is the best plan of attack for the summer tourism months. 

At Rava Wines they use social media to promote sustainability efforts and share stories from the vineyard as well as the SIP Certified logo to convey their commitment. Look to your vineyard and cellar workers for content ideas this season and always refer to the Seasons of Sustainability calendar for ideas.