Sustainable Spring
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Sustainable Spring

March 4


Vineyard and winery certification tells the block-to-bottle story and it’s important to tell people about what happens from farming to sipping. While Spring around the vineyard and winery may not be the busiest time of the year, it is in many places, the most beautiful. Shades of green abound and wildflowers show their colors. New life teems and it’s the beginning of sunnier days ahead. Spring is not a time where vineyard and winery life is totally dormant, it’s actually a time of the year in the vineyard when successful farming will ensure a good harvest come Fall. In the winery, it’s usually a busy time with racking and bottling. Vintages take shape in the spring and it’s an exciting time to share with consumers across all of your communication channels as well as stories for your sales teams to share. 

Shannon Gledhill of Coastal Vineyard Care sums up Spring in the vineyard,

“To me Spring and Sustainability are synonymous. Spring is the beginning of an opportunity to follow the lead of nature; to do what is right for the vines and the community. It’s a time of observance for me, whether that means watching the ladybugs in the cover crop, smelling the soil after the rains…if it rains, surveying the owl boxes for owlets, working with the crews as they tie the last of the canes or monitoring for bud break. Each year is the same and each year is different, but I’m always full of butterflies in March when I get the chance to walk the vines and participate in the next cycle. “

SIP Certified’s Seasons of Sustainability is a fantastic tool to shape your springtime content and messaging. Here’s a snapshot of sustainability practices for Spring:

  • Release beneficial insects for biocontrol 
  • Remove excess shoots to reduce disease pressure, improve airflow and spray penetration, and improve quality 
  • Test plant nutrient status to calculate fertilizer needed 
  • Rack and blend wines 
  • Wash barrels with high temperature/low flow systems 
  • Secure Certificate of Label Approvals (COLA’ s)
  •  Join events for outreach and community involvement 
  • Attend continuing education courses

Chamisal Vineyards recently featured budbreak in their Instagram feed while Cambria Winery is taking part in a continuing education webinar celebrating Women’s History Month. The webinar aims to look at how women, the environment, and the world of wine can work together to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Niner Wine Estates recently highlighted their latest bottling and Ron Rubin Winery celebrated the coming of buds in their social channels.

Stories like these and details about seasonal changes at your vineyard and winery bring the space to life helping consumers and accounts connect with your brand.