The most important "P"...
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The most important "P"...

February 21


Of the 3 Ps of Sustainability (People, Planet, and Prosperity), People is no doubt the most important one. Without the supporters, partners, and cherished friends in our community, who would be here to enjoy the prosperous planet we are all striving toward?

This week's Marketing Tip is a bit different than previous tips. We want to share how the parent non-profit organization of the SIP Certified program, Vineyard Team, helps the upcoming generation achieve their dreams of higher education. Applications for the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship open on March 1st. If you work in California's wine industry, you probably know several people who are eligible to apply for the scholarship! 

Investing in future generations

Vineyard Team’s Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship is our way of giving back to the community and contributing to a prosperous future of educated and determined professionals. This funding supports students and their families in achieving their dreams of successful graduation to pursue a professional career. The majority of awardees are first-generation college students, who have more barriers when it comes to attaining higher education.

This isn’t designed to be a one-time award. Starting in 2023 we will award two- and four-year scholarships, complete with a graduation bonus to help them launch into the next phase of life. The total will end up being in the range of $6k to $20k per student. We’ve also invested in a program mentor, Alex Gonzalez, who will be a resource to the students. This upgraded scholarship is possible because of the local non-profit Must! Charities recognized the importance of this program and have created a matching funds program for us.

Share this scholarship opportunity!

Applications open March 1st

Applications for the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship are open March 1st – 31st. We ask that you please share this opportunity with your team by posting and electronically sharing the flyer (available in English and Spanish), and sharing the paycheck inserts with your payroll facilitator so they can reach the families of your operation’s workers/employees -- who are likely eligible for this opportunity!

Flyer (English & Spanish) | Paycheck Insert (English) | Paycheck Insert (Spanish)



You can help the program flourish

To receive the gifted money from Must! Charities, we need to raise matching funds each year. In the true spirit of sustainability, we want to create a program that has long-lasting funds so that we can continue to better the lives of our industry's children for decades.

Click here to make a donation to the program, and share this post with those you think could benefit from learning more about the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship.