'Tis the Season for Food and Wine Pairings
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'Tis the Season for Food and Wine Pairings

November 15


As the holiday season approaches, it is the perfect time to produce content that speaks to popular holiday activity; food and wine pairings. Whether it’s creating recipes yourself, partnering with local chefs, or tapping your followers for suggestions, having a food element in your communication strategy speaks to the lifestyle of foodies and oenophiles alike. 

We recently teamed up with Jerry James Stone to create four separate recipes that paired with SIP Certified wines. Working with Jerry was nothing short of inspiring as he paired Riverbench’s Sparkling Rosé with Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Tostadas, something outside of the box, evergreen, and super delicious. Jerry’s content came in the form of video demonstrations and in blog form allowing for shareability across multiple platforms including social, email communication, and something easily printable to hand out in the tasting room.

Working with Sheila Kearns Chocolate enabled us to work alongside a talented, local chocolatier, but also produced content that both Sheila and participating wineries were able to share to their audiences. Partnering with local chefs and artisans not only strengthens community, but is an excellent way to share content between multiple brands’ audiences allowing for maximum exposure.

Talley Vineyards’ Cioppino recipe is a fantastic example of how to use a recipe pairing across multiple channels. The recipe is featured on the website and is the titular star of the Pinot-Cioppino fundraiser in honor of Marianne Talley which raises money for Arroyo Grande High School students every year in February during the height of Dungeness Crab season.

Be you a small winery on a limited budget or a larger winery with room for experimentation, cooking and pairing is part of all of our wine country DNA. Without a doubt there is an employee, club member, or local chef to tap for recipe pairings and there’s no time like the holidays to share these.