You Need this SIP!
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You Need this SIP!

September 21


With Harvest in full swing and tasting room traffic rearing up for the high season, we’ve put together a fun box of the SIP you need to delight and inspire employees to keep SIP top of mind when educating guests. From bottle openers to polishing towels, tabletop info to brochures, this swag is useful and fun for employees. As we move into Autumn, employee training sessions should be tailored to the goings on of the SIP calendar.

The Seasons of SIP

The Seasons of SIP calendar is available online and outlines what’s happening on the property during the hustle and bustle of Harvest:

  • Remove and store bird netting for next year
  • Pick at night to reduce refrigeration and increase quality 
  • Adjust tank/barrel room temperatures for fermentation and storage needs 
  • Deep clean harvest equipment before storing 
  • Compare yield estimates to actual and finished gallons 
  • Clean barn owl nesting boxes to keep natural gopher predators returning 
  • Recognize and reward employees for a job well done

9/30 Tasting Room Webinar

Along with the above information and educating staff on your current line up of wines available for tasting, SIP is hosting an upcoming webinar with Ben Fine of Jackson Family Wines and Kim Stemeler of Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association. This year is a roller coaster of new protocols, customer experiences, and facility developments. While it can feel overwhelming at times, having the right resources to keep you up to date on your state’s protocols is vital to helping you tailor the customer experience. Join industry veterans as they discuss navigating this monumental shift in tasting room experiences.