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Your SIP Better STINK!

August 12


Training Topic #2

As harvest approaches one thing for certain occurs; telltale aromas fill our well-trained sniffers with pre-harvest indicators. Whether it’s the smell of the morning dew on the vines, or wet cement on the crush pad; these aromatics incite the gleeful anticipation of the imminent harvest. One notable not so glamorous smell from this cooler 2019 vintage?  “Sulfur. Sulfur. Sulfur,” says Jim Stolberg of Maverick Farming. “Powdery mildew has been a fierce competitor this season and we have been preventing and combatting any infections with early sulfur applications.  All of us checking vineyards smell like rotten eggs during these months. We halt sulfur applications during ripening to avoid any residue on the fruit and are happy the fruit is clean; and we don't stink!” Not all smells are romantic, but SIP Certified practices ensure quality end results.

Keep your hospitality team on point with SIP Certified practices; we encourage you to adopt some of these ideas into your continuing educational training:

  • Register for one of the Sustainability in Action educational hospitality trainings. These complimentary, two-hour, hands-on trainings take place between August 27th and September 6th in varying locations. Don’t delay - register today!
  • Bring Beth Vukmanic Lopez to your next staff training. Beth is readily available to refresh your team’s knowledge of SIP Certified or introduce new hires to the program. Email:
  • Invite your farmer into the tasting room for a one hour meet and greet with consumers and staff. Encourage them to speak on the sustainable practices happening in the vineyard and bring some owl pellets with them!
  • Watch this short video featuring Katie Bruce of Niner Wine Estates who describes two fresh ways to excite your team; a hands-on winemaking program and a new spin on consumer tours.

Make sure to keep your SIP STINKING and we hope to see you at the end of the month at Sustainability in Action!


The goal of this series is to educate winery hospitality and sales professionals in a quick and simple way on how being SIP Certified can support you, in turn raising your customers awareness on what makes SIP Certified members so special, and ultimately increasing your sales and brand loyalty.

The program will deliver 10 topics over the course of the next 10 months, to give you new ideas (ways to market sustainability…). To add your team members emails to our list please visit:

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If you are new to the industry, we hope this series will be fresh and educational. If you are a wine veteran, our goal is to provide some refresher ideas to expand on your current set of tools.

As a SIP Certified  member, we realize you have many outstanding achievements and stories to tell about your brand, and we know it isn’t only about SIP Certified… however if you incorporate sustainability into your communication and sales strategy we are confident it’s a win(e)-win(e) for everyone!