Including Winery and Vineyard Sustainability in Your Marketing
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Including Winery and Vineyard Sustainability in Your Marketing

You have already done the hard work to become SIP Certified so now let us help you share your great achievement. This page offers concrete data and marketing resources to bring your sustainability certification to the forefront of wine consumer’s minds.

83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food.

Wine lovers are asking about environmental performance and they want independent verification of product claims. Certification illustrates that you are dedicated to sustainable principles—that you’re willing to adhere to rigorous guidelines to make great wines, farm healthy vineyards, and support the wellbeing of workers.

Having a sustainable vineyard or winery is a great talking point.

Conscientious consumers have a choice they can make – one that supports both the land and the people that create their favorite wines. Your buyers love to learn about wine and SIP Certified gives you one more thing to talk about. When your customers see the SIP Certified seal, they can be assured that farmers and winemakers are:

Use our popular Eco-Certification Comparison Chart to easily explain the many facets of sustainability.

Certified sustainable wines stand out from the crowd.

Being SIP Certified is meaningful, measurable, and verifiable. Not everyone can meet the requirements. This distinguishes participants from their peers. We’ve all heard about organic and biodynamic methods, but when it comes to comprehensive sustainability efforts, we are the strictest program of its kind to assess the environmental, social, and community health of vineyards and wineries. That means our certified sustainable wines are independently audited according to standards that go beyond organics to include not only biodiversity and habitat, farm management, soil conservation, and integrated pest management but also water quality and conservation, energy conservation, air quality, fruit quality, social responsibility, continuing education, sound business practices, and community relations. In short, while many SIP Certified wines are also certified organic or certified by any number of other organizations, SIP Certified is the most rigorous at addressing all resource concerns.

SIP Certified marketing tools.

Our SIP Certified seal is available to when you’re ready to shout sustainability from the rooftops (and we fully support you in your efforts!).

Add the seal to your own materials. From the wine label to tasting notes to sales sheets, you can include SIP Certified just about anywhere you can dream up. Talk with your buyers. Restaurants can add the seal to their wine lists, distributors can highlight a sustainable portfolio, and stores can call out SIP Certified with a shelf talker or end cap.

And be sure to browse our marketing materials in the Member Resource area to make your wines stand out on the shelf or consider adding the SIP Certified seal to your own collateral.