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Michael Radnia

Michael Radnia

Besa mi Vino - Owner

Coming from tech and real estate, Michael Radnia and his brother Roddy felt the wine industry could use a little disruption. They suspected there was an untapped audience of young, adventurous, consumers looking for good tasting, environmentally friendly wines. In 2019 they launched Besa mi Vino, a line of canned wines that are sustainable, organic, SIP Certified, low sulfite, vegan and gluten free. The packaging and marketing efforts are casual, fun and edgy. Response to the brand has been extremely positive. Michael was born in raised in LA and attended college at Boston University. That’s him at Fenway Park. A rabid enthusiast of food and travel, Michael lived in Shanghai for six months to learn Mandarin and made a gastronomic pilgrimage to India just to eat authentic Indian food.

“I've been best friends with the same five people since kindergarten.”