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It’s all in the Dirt

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

Wrath Wines - Owner/Operator

Michael Thomas is not afraid to get his hands dirty. As the owner/operator of Monterey County’s Wrath Wines and an archaeologist who directs the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy at the University of Texas at Austin, Michael spends much of his time working the soil. He currently runs two important excavations in Italy: a Roman site near Pompeii and an Etruscan site northeast of Florence. He also oversees Wrath’s 72-acre, SIP Certified San Saba Vineyard located just below the Santa Lucia Highlands. Thanks to Michael’s diligence and vision, and his close work with winemaker Sabrine Rodems, Wrath’s Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Syrahs and Sauvignon Blancs are considered among the finest in California. Michael also makes a brilliant Falanghina inspired by the local whites of Pompeii.

“I’m lucky to have found two great callings in life– archeology and winemaking. It’s convenient they both involve dirt.”