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Summer Sustainability Checklist

posted: June 12, 2024

Click Read below to learn sustainable vineyard and winery tips for the coming summer season.


Office Hours Recording: Ch 8 & 13

posted: May 23, 2024

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Lucas Pope, Director of Vineyard Operations at Coastal Vineyard Services to go over two SIP Certified chapters:

• Chapter 8: Purchasing, Recycling, and Waste Reduction
• Chapter 13: ​Business Management


Sipping Sustainability: 13 Wine Brands Submit Nearly 116k Cases of Wine for Certification Through SIP Certified™

posted: April 29, 2024

In the first three months of 2024, nearly 116k cases of wine embarked on the journey to become SIP Certified sustainable. The applications, submitted by thirteen different wine brands, underscore the commitment of today’s winemakers to offer the market high-quality wines produced through rigorous environmental stewardship and social responsibility.



Recent SIP Certified Database Updates

posted: April 29, 2024

The SIP Certified database is your hub for all things certification. We meet regularly with the tool's developer to work on new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

Learn about recent updates.


Office Hours Recording: Ch 5 & 6

posted: April 12, 2024

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Kevin Bargetto of Center of Effort and Gregory Gonzalez of Coastal Vineyard Care Associates to go over two SIP Certified chapters:

• Ch 5: Water Conservation and Quality
• Ch 6: Energy Conservation and Efficiency


Congratulations, Vino Farms!

posted: March 28, 2024

Vino Farms, a Lodi-based vineyard management company, is the recipient of the 2024 Green Medal Business Award.

The Lod-based vineyard management company "not only exemplifies a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible agriculture, but also demonstrates that sustainable practices can be synonymous with good business practices."


Spring Sustainability Checklist

posted: March 21, 2024

Click Read below to learn sustainable vineyard and winery tips for the coming spring season.


Office Hours Recording: Ch 1 & 7

posted: March 15, 2024

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Bart Haycraft of Jackson Family Wines to discuss two SIP Certified Standards chapters:

• 1: Conservation & Enhancement of Biological Diversity
• 7: Pollution & Waste

Click Read to watch the recording and get the resources mentioned in the webinar.


NEW tutorial: Apply for SIP Certified Wine

posted: March 11, 2024

If your Grapes are SIP Certified, it’s easier now than ever to put the SIP Certified logo on your wine bottles.

Thanks to the latest SIP Certified database feature, you can create a wine application in just a few minutes.

Say goodbye to the days of documents and information getting lost in months-old email threads. Instead, upload everything straight to your application.

Learn how to Apply for SIP Certified Wine today!


Book a Free 30-Minute Sustainability Training

posted: March 7, 2024

Does your staff know what it means to be SIP Certified sustainable?

We created a training module to help your team:

• Learn what sustainability really means in the wine industry.
• Identify 7 specific ways YOUR brand practices sustainability.
• Share this knowledge with your customers to increase sales.


Reflecting on ReSIProcal February 2024

posted: March 4, 2024

ReSIProcal February is an opportunity to connect like-minded brands and wine enthusiasts who value sustainability and are passionate about the industry.

This ReSIProcal February, wine club members of nearly 30 wine brands across four California counties and Michigan State visited participating tasting rooms to learn about and taste sustainable wines!

Thank you for making this year’s ReSIProcal February sustainable tasting event a success.


Office Hours Recording: Ch 2, 10, & 12

posted: February 13, 2024

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Daryl Salm of Monterey Pacific to go over three SIP Certified Standards chapters:

• 2: Vineyard Acquisition, Establishment and Management
• 10: Fruit Quality
• 12: Continuing Education

Click Read to watch the recording and get the resources mentioned in the webinar.


Annual Review of the SIP Certified Standards

posted: February 13, 2024

SIP Certified prides itself on the rigorous rules and content of the Standards, which outline the farming and wine processing qualifications for certification.

Earlier this week, the SIP Certified Technical Advisory Committee met to review Chapters 3, 5, and 11 of the 2024 SIP Certified Standards.


Complimentary Wine Tastings All Month Long: Enjoy Sustainable Wines This ReSIProcal February

posted: February 1, 2024

This February, wine club members of nearly 30 wine brands across four California counties and Michigan State can claim two complimentary tastings at any other participating club’s tasting room. Why? Because these tasting rooms have joined ReSIProcal February!


Need to buy or sell SIP Certified grapes and/or wine?

posted: January 15, 2024

The SIP Certified Classifieds makes it easy to buy and sell sustainably produced grapes and wine! We often get calls and emails from brands looking for SIP Certified grapes and wine, so we developed a free, easy-to-use Classified section on our website where members can post their products, and buyers can easily find them.


Office Hours Recording: Chapters 9 & 11

posted: January 12, 2024

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Gregg Hibbits of Grapevine Capital to go over three SIP Certified Standards chapters:

• 9: Pest Management
• 11: Social Equity

Click Read to watch the recording and get the resources mentioned in the webinar.


Accepting Applications for 2024 SIP Certified

posted: January 8, 2024

If you produce high-quality wines through responsible practices that treat the people and the planet with care and respect, you've probably considered an official Sustainable certification.

Get SIP Certified to join the over 47 thousand acres and 5 wineries certified by the gold standard certification program for sustainable winegrowers and winemakers.


Why Sustainability Certification Programs for Vineyard Matter - with Beth Vukmanic | Vineyard Underground

posted: December 20, 2023

Have you considered having your grape growing operation sustainably certified?

In this episode of Vineyard Underground, host Fritz Westover has a conversation with Beth Vukmanic, Executive Direvtor of Vineyard Team, on the impact and importance of sustainability certification programs for vineyards.


Office Hours Recording: Chapters 3 & 4

posted: December 12, 2023

In this Office Hours webinar, we were joined by Molly Bohlman, Winemaker at Niner Wine Estates and Craig Macmillan, Critical Resource Manager at Niner Wine Estates to go over two SIP Certified Standards chapters:

• 3: Winery Facility Establishment & Management
• 4: Vineyard Soil Conservation & Surface Water Quality

Click Read to watch the recording and get the resources mentioned in the webinar.


Seasons of Sustainability: Winter

posted: December 6, 2023

With harvest wrapping up just a few weeks ago, it may not feel like winter is right around the corner! With the shortest day of the year and the cold season fast-approaching, here are some things you can do around your property to prepare...


SWEEP Grant applications are due Jan. 19, 2024

posted: November 28, 2023

The State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) provides financial assistance in the form of grants to implement irrigation systems that reduce greenhouse gases and save water on California agricultural operations.

Read more to learn where to find information about this grant opportunity.


Webinar Recording: How to Complete Chapter 14 Year-End Water & Nitrogen use Reports

posted: November 28, 2023

If you are SIP Certified and want tips on how to complete Chapter 14 (due Dec 5, 2023) or if you want to take a deeper look at your resource use, watch this webinar recording where Paul Crout, Pest Control Advisor and Certified Crop Advisor, walks us through Chapter 14 and the workbook.


Congratulations! These Members are celebrating 10 years of SIP Certified

posted: November 21, 2023

SIP Certified is the strictest program of its kind to assess the environmental and social sustainability of vineyards and wineries. With 120 non-negotiable standards that touch every level of the business, achieving SIP Certified distinguishes a brand in the market.

Yet, year after year, we see growers who have stuck with the program for several years because they believe in the meaning behind their certification.

We would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to these five members for their 10 years of certification with SIP Certified...


Call for Applications for the 10th Annual California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

posted: November 21, 2023

California vineyards and wineries are encouraged to apply for the prestigious 2024 California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards.

Applications are now being accepted at through Jan. 12, 2024, for the 10th annual awards, which are widely recognized throughout the wine industry.


Fess Parker Winery Announces Limited Edition HelpCureHD Wine

posted: October 30, 2023

When tragedy strikes within the wine industry, the best of the best rally around each other to pick up their friends and loved ones, and find a way to use their network to offer help...


Regulating Pesticide Use in San Luis Obispo County

posted: October 23, 2023

Featured in County of San Luis Obispo 2022 Annual Crop Report


2023 Year-Ends are due Dec 5

posted: October 16, 2023

In an effort to ease workload during the holiday season, Year-Ends are due Dec 5.

Read more to learn what is due.


Free Conservation Plans for California Farmers | Wild Farm Alliance & CDFA

posted: October 6, 2023

Looking for assistance in creating a conservation plan?

Wild Farm Alliance is offering the opportunity for California farmers to work with their staff to create the following types of plans: Beneficial Bird Habitat Plan, Pollinator Habitat Plan, Carbon Farm Plan.

Read more to learn how to get in on this opportunity.


ReSIProcal February 2024

posted: October 5, 2023

ReSIProcal February is an opportunity for tasting rooms that serve SIP Certified brands to attract guests during this historically slow month.

Read more to learn how it works, and how to participate.


A Sustainable Wine Pioneer: Steve McIntyre, McIntyre Family Wines

posted: October 5, 2023

Listen in to Episode 63 of the Sip, Sip, Hooray! podcast to hear an interview with Steve McIntyre of McIntyre Family Wines, who hosts Mary Babbitt and Mary Orlin call "the OG sustainable grape grower and winemaker of Monterey County's Santa Lucia Highlands."


Celebrating 15 Years of SIP Certified

posted: September 27, 2023

Nearly 30 years ago, a small group of like-minded grape growers started a nonprofit to guide and educate the industry toward sustainability.

Today, one of the groups’ award-winning programs, SIP Certified, is recognized as the gold standard program for sustainable winegrowing.


Regulatory Relief: SIP Certified will report TNA for Ag Order 4.0 members

posted: September 14, 2023

SIP Certified has partnered with Preservation Inc. to save you time by reporting Total Nitrogen Applied (TNA) for Regional Water Quality Control Board Region 3 Ag Order 4.0.

Read more to learn how to take advantage of this regulatory relief, and learn from some frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Learn How to Talk About Sustainability

posted: August 29, 2023

If you've been following the SIP Certified Marketing Tips for the past few months, you've probably heard about our latest program: Sustainable Stories.

This free, easy-to-use program was inspired by a question that we’ve all been asked at some point: what actually makes a vineyard or winery sustainable?


SIP Certified: Hahn & Oso Libre Sustainable Vineyards

posted: August 11, 2023

Paige Comrie, the wine expert, tastemaker, and photographer behind the popular wine blog, Wine with Paige, has had the pleasure of exploring countless wineries and tasting an array of exquisite wines.

In this blog post, she highlights the remarkable steps Hahn Vineyards and Oso Libre have taken to embrace eco-friendly practices in both their vineyards and wineries.


Call for Third-Party Wine Inspector

posted: July 14, 2023

SIP Certified is looking for a third-party inspector to audit SIP Certified Wine Applications.

Read more to learn qualifications, responsibilities, accreditation process, and how to apply.


Have you wondered if Point of Sale (POS) materials matter?

posted: June 8, 2023

In 2018, Marianne McGarry Wolf of CalPoly SLO surveyed 521 US wine consumers to find out if consumers are attracted to display materials at retail locations to learn about wine and sustainable wine production...


Seasons of Sustainability: Summer

posted: June 5, 2023

Summer is wine tasting season, and it's almost here! Wine tours, events, and the warmer weather are sure to bring many new visitors, eager to taste your wines and learn about what makes your brand special.

Read more for a quick list of things to do during this Season of Sustainability.


Exciting Sustainability Commitments and Updates from Tolosa

posted: April 28, 2023

Sustainability is all about monitoring and adjusting. Taking the time to plan, measure, and analyze, sustainability initiatives is essential to ensuring progress is being made -- and celebrated!

Since making a pledge in 2021 to eliminate direct and indirect use of fossil fuels by 2040, Tolosa Winery publishes an annual Sustainability Report to feature the incredible progress they are making and describe plans to continue to work toward their sustainability goals.


Seasons of Sustainability: Spring

posted: March 13, 2023

Spring is just around the corner! While Spring around the vineyard and winery may not be the busiest time of the year, it’s actually a time of the year in the vineyard when successful farming will ensure a good harvest come Fall. Click the button below to read our tips for the Spring Season of Sustainability!


We are honored! 2022 IPM Achievement Award Winner

posted: February 22, 2023

All of us at Vineyard Team are honored to be receiving DPR’s prestigious IPM Achievement Award. Each year the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) honors California organizations for their integrated pest management (IPM) achievements. The IPM Achievement Awards recognize organizations and individuals that are leaders in using reduced-risk pest management practices and sharing their successful strategies with others


Learn how to get SIP Certified in 15 minutes

posted: February 9, 2023

Did you miss the webinar? We have you covered! This 15-minute recording will give you a quick history and overview of the program, tell you exactly how to get SIP Certified, give you a quick database tour, and share some tools you may find helpful as you go through certification.


Presqu'ile Winery: A California winery with deep Arkansas roots

posted: January 9, 2023

A recent article in El Dorado News-Times by Richard Mason tells the story of Presqu'ile Winery, from its roots in the Murphy family's gathering place on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to its present estate home in the Santa Maria Valley.

"They are making sure the winery is a beacon of sustainability, which is integrated into everything at Presqu'ile, from the soil to the cellar. Their conservation efforts also ensure they continue to be good neighbors by protecting the community's natural resources for generations to come."


Tools to Help You Share Your Story

posted: January 4, 2023

Customer loyalty is built through an alignment of values. Sharing your dedication to protecting the people and the planet through your sustainable winegrowing practices is a great way to connect with consumers on a personal level.


Complimentary Sustainable Wine Tastings

posted: January 3, 2023

Do you like complimentary wine tastings? Are you a wine club member with any of these SIP Certified brands?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you can claim your complimentary tastings during the entire month of February!


Sustainability is not a trend

posted: December 29, 2022

People today are growing increasingly environmentally conscious. WWF commissioned global research by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2021 (An Eco Awakening) that found that searches for sustainable goods have increased globally by 71% since 2016.

Sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming a cultural shift!


Leverage Your Sustainable Status!

posted: December 26, 2022

People today are increasingly environmentally conscious. According to Morning Consult's 2022 Sustainability Report: What Sustainability Means to Consumers, when asked about the importance of sustainability in a variety of industries, over 80% of respondents said it's important in the food and beverage industry.

If you haven’t started telling consumers that your business is run sustainably, now's the time!


How to Leverage Sustainability in Your Marketing

posted: December 21, 2022

Sustainability differentiates your brand! Are you appealing to the growing segment of consumers who are seeking sustainably produced products?


2022 Wine Media Features

posted: December 21, 2022

As an added benefit to our SIP Certified members, we team with social media and lifestyle influencers to help promote SIP Certified brands and spread awareness about sustainable winegrowing.

Have you seen 2022's Wine Media Features?


Wine Certification | Marketing Tip Mondays

posted: December 16, 2022

Our last few Marketing Tips focused on showing wine shoppers that your wine is sustainable when you can't be there to tell them by putting the SIP Certified logo on your bottles.

We've gathered all of the Marketing Tips Monday podcast episodes from this campaign in one place for your convenience!


Mark Your Calendar!

posted: December 12, 2022

We have put together some deadlines for you to add to your calendar as you prepare for certification this coming year.


Are you ready to get SIP Certified?

posted: December 8, 2022

We know your day is busy running your wine business and you wonder if you will have time to get SIP Certified. Completing the Self-Assessment only takes three hours, can be done at your own pace, and helps you know if you are ready to take the next step to certification.


Chapter 14 Webinar Recording

posted: December 8, 2022

Year-Ends are due on December 15th. Watch the recording of the Chapter 14 webinar hosted by Paul Crout, Pest Control Advisor and Certified Crop Advisor, to learn what these reports are, and how to use the Workbook provided in Chapter 14 of the SIP Certified Standards.


SIP Certified Tools to Train Your Staff

posted: December 7, 2022

Your sales, marketing, and tasting room staff can’t boast of your sustainability if they don’t know what it is and what it means! Check out these tools and share them with your team to help educate and empower them to talk about sustainability with your clients.


Seasons of Sustainability: Winter

posted: December 5, 2022

As winter approaches with its cooler temperatures and shortened days, vines go into the final phase of their annual cycle: dormancy. Although their appearance is far from the images of lush, fruitful vines we saw only a few weeks ago, the vines are far from shut down during this season of recovery and preparation.


3 Tools to Help You Get Certified

posted: November 28, 2022

We have many tools to help you successfully achieve and maintain SIP Certified.

Read more to learn what they are and where to find them!


Setting the Bar for Sustainable Winegrowing

posted: November 23, 2022

SIP Certified has some of the strictest rules in the game. We’ve got you covered with several resources to help you with the certification process, as well as keep you up to date with the latest science and research in the field.


Join the Webinar: Chapter 14 Calculations & Pitfalls

posted: November 22, 2022

Calculating the amount of water and Nitrogen applied to a vineyard is important for tracking inputs and improving efficiency, and is required to maintain SIP Certified. If you are SIP Certified and want tips on how to complete Chapter 14 (due December 15, 2022) or if you want to take a deeper look at your resource use, join this webinar by Paul Crout, Pest Control Advisor and Certified Crop Advisor.


How will the Self-Assessment help your business?

posted: November 17, 2022

The SIP Certified Self-Assessment helps you efficiently improve your sustainability while being mindful of your business goals.

How will the SIP Certified Self-Assessment help your business?

· Learn the latest science-based practices.
· Review your whole operation in one place.
· Set goals to advance your business.


Niner Wine Estate's Buck-a-Bottle month supports the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship

posted: November 17, 2022

November is Buck-a-Bottle month for Niner Wine Estates. Every year, Niner donates $1 to a local charity fund for every bottle that is sold in their tasting room and online during the month of November. This year, Niner is donating these funds to the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship.


Californian Vintners Report High Quality for 2022 Harvest

posted: November 15, 2022

Wine Industry Advisor recently released a Press Release on the 2022 winegrape harvest season, stating that after a season of curveballs, vintners across the state are expecting a high-quality 2022 vintage.


3 Steps to Get SIP Certified

posted: November 14, 2022

1. Document your practices by completing the Standards.
2. Schedule your inspection.
3. Maintain your practices through November.

It’s that easy!

Read more for a more in-depth breakdown of the process.


"We didn't know the Pandora's Box that we opened." - Nicholas Miller, Wine Enthusiast's 2022 Wine Executive of the Year

posted: November 10, 2022

From agriculture to brand management and partnerships, and from estate bottlings to nationally distributed retail lines, Miller Family Wine Company has been involved in the winemaking industry since the 1970s. What's next for the Millers? Click the link to learn what Nicholas Miller, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of the company, told Matt Kettmann of Beverage Industry Enthusiast.


Agriculture forum: Imbibing sustainability

posted: November 9, 2022

"Everything in nature has a relationship with everything else when looked upon with a glaring lens. Mimicking this approach on agricultural lands not only will maximize the benefits of these ecosystem services, but can improve crop quality, yields and overall profitability."


Wondering how SIP Certified benefits your business?

posted: November 9, 2022

Congratulations on attaining SIP Certified! You have successfully implemented some of the strictest standards in the field of sustainable winegrowing – not every winegrower has what it takes to get SIP Certified. Your certification shows that your winegrowing practices are proven to help protect the people and the planet.

Do you want to get the most out of your SIP Certified status? We are here to help you!


You could win a 2023 Green Medal Award!

posted: November 7, 2022

Applications are being accepted for the 9th Annual California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards. SIP Certified members have received awards in previous years -- you could be next!

Applications will be accepted through January 20, 2023.


Welcome to SIP Certified!

posted: October 31, 2022

Welcome to the over 46,000 vineyard acres in California, Oregon, and Michigan, five wineries, and 55 million bottles that are SIP Certified sustainable.

Your certification shows that you implement strict, science-based practices that help protect the people and the planet.


So, you want to be a sustainable winegrower?

posted: October 27, 2022

So, you want to be a sustainable winegrower but aren’t sure where to start?

SIP Certified includes the latest practices from water conservation to soil quality, recycling to human resources, and so much more! Use the Self-Assessment to learn what it takes to become a certified sustainable winegrower.


Central Coast winemakers celebrate their harvest and international acclaim

posted: October 27, 2022

Late summer is harvest season for winegrapes on California's Central Coast. Cherish Whyte of New Times SLO recently wrote an article covering several topics of interest for wine producers and enthusiasts in the region, including the surge in sustainable initiatives globally, and nominations for several of Wine Enthusiast's 2022 Wine Star Awards. Did you know that the new SLO Coast AVA is in the running for Wine Region of the Year?


Why You Should Drink Sustainable Wine

posted: October 24, 2022

Paige Comrie, OG "wine influencer," photographer, wine expert, and tastemaker behind the hugely popular wine blog, Wine with Paige, gives her take on why sustainability in the wine industry is so important:

At the beginning and end of its journey, wine is an agricultural product. And just like with any agricultural product, there are ways to produce wine in a way that is respectful to the land...


Fall Wine Experiences from Hotel San Luis Obispo

posted: October 12, 2022

Now through December 18th, Hotel San Luis Obispo, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of San Luis Obispo’s vibrant downtown, invites wine lovers to discover the beauty of the Central Coast during harvest with a host of fall-inspired experiences. They have teamed with two SIP Certified brands to offer guests incredible deals featuring sustainable wines!


Get in on ReSIProcal February 2023!

posted: October 3, 2022

February is typically a slow month for tasting rooms. ReSIProcal February gives any SIP Certified Vineyard or Winery with a tasting room the opportunity to increase tasting room traffic by offering their wine club members two (2) complimentary tastings at any other participating SIP Certified tasting room.

Sell some bottles, gain new wine club members, share your message of sustainability, and connect consumers with other like-minded brands who run their wine business sustainably when you participate in ReSIProcal February!


Teach your Team to Talk SIP

posted: October 3, 2022

Through August and September, our Marketing Tips focused on training your staff to talk about sustainability and your SIP Certified status with your wine-tasting clients.

We've gathered all of the Marketing Tips Monday podcast episodes from this campaign in one place for your convenience!


Growing Grapes while Protecting Lakes

posted: October 3, 2022

Chantal Lefebvre, owner of WaterFire Vineyards, the first property outside of California to be SIP Certified, was recently interviewed by Jennifer Kiel of Michigan Farmer to talk about the history of their vineyard, and how they have used their sustainable certification to differentiate their business and demonstrate how to grow grapes while protecting the lakes.


A Fresh & Hydrating Watermelon & Cucumber Salad with Feta Dressing

posted: September 26, 2022

Looking for a fresh and hydrating dish to try for your next get-together? Jerry James Stone has you covered!

His Watermelon & Cucumber Salad with Feta Dressing is made with fresh, easy-to-find ingredients and was made to pair with Foxen's 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir.


Congratulations, 10-Year Members!

posted: August 29, 2022

Congratulations to our 10-year members! Sustainable agriculture is critical in the preservation and protection of the people and the planet, and farmers and producers like SIP Certified members put sustainability at the forefront of their business practices to ensure they are doing their part in protecting these precious resources.


All of your Social Media tips in one place

posted: August 24, 2022

Through June and July, our Marketing Tips focused on giving you tips for telling the public about your SIP Certified sustainable status via Social Media. We've gathered all of the Marketing Tips Monday podcast episodes from this campaign in one place for your convenience!


Call for third-party Vineyard and Winery inspectors for SIP Certified

posted: August 15, 2022

SIP Certified is looking for third-party inspectors to audit SIP Certified Vineyard and Winery Applications. Applicants should have knowledge of viticulture/winemaking and experience with auditing.


Hot Eco Wines for a Cool Summer with Jerry James Stone on the Weather Channel

posted: August 11, 2022

Did you catch Jerry James Stone's Hot Eco Wines for a Cool Summer segment on the Weather Channel?

Featured in this segment are SIP Certified members Niner Wine Estates, Chamisal Vineyards and Winery, and Zocker.


Baker Wine and Grape Analysis offers 10% discount to SIP Certified Vineyards and Wineries

posted: July 25, 2022

Baker Wine & Grape Analysis salutes you for your dedication to SIP Certified and is pleased to offer SIP Certified Vineyards and Wineries a 10% discount on all analyses. If you are a current BWGA customer simply let them know and they will update your account.


Call for third-party wine inspectors for SIP Certified

posted: July 20, 2022

SIP Certified is looking for third-party inspectors to audit SIP Certified Wine Applications.

If you are interested in becoming a third-party wine auditor or know someone who is, please send a CV to


Blackberry Balsamic & Basil Grilled Cheese

posted: July 5, 2022

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? With only 15 minutes of prep time, this leveled up version of the beloved classic is sure to become a new favorite. And since it's a sheet pan recipe, you can make many at once!

This recipe was created by Jerry James Stone to pair with Rava Wine's 2018 Grenache Rose.


Pair it with Pinot Noir! Seared Polenta with Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Pesto

posted: June 27, 2022

Are you looking for a recipe to pair with a bottle of Pinot Noir?

Jerry James Stone has created the perfect recipe to pair with Ron Rubin's 2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir: Seared cornmeal polenta medallions with slow-roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, homemade arugula pesto, and crème fraîche.


Loan financing and grant funding to CA ag producers

posted: May 13, 2022

Attention California Ag Producers: The USDA Rural Energy for America Program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements. Agricultural producers may also apply for new energy-efficient equipment and new system loans for agricultural production and processing.

Applications for the USDA REAP program are open until October 31, 2022


@themillennialsomm #TastingThursday featuring Kristen McIntyre

posted: May 9, 2022

@theMillennialSomm recently teamed up with Kristen McIntyre of McIntyre Vineyards for #TastingThursday. They talked SIP while sipping on McIntyre's 2018 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir.


Winners Announced for Eighth Annual California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

posted: April 27, 2022

The eighth annual California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Award winners were announced today. Presented by several California wine organizations devoted to sustainability, four Green Medals have been presented in the following categories: Leader, Environment, Community, and Business.


The Washington Post "Wine eco-certifications: What they mean and how to read them"

posted: April 20, 2022

In this article posted on April 14th, Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post talks about what is covered by the different eco-friendly certifications in the wine industry.


April is "Down to Earth" Month - Wine Industry Advisory

posted: April 20, 2022

This article from Wine Industry Advisor highlights the Down to Earth Month winery events that wineries and regional associations across California will be participating in to show their enthusiasm for the Earth, and sustainability.


Call for Wines!

posted: April 12, 2022

To make a lasting impact on UK trade, media, and consumers the California Wine Institute Export Program is creating a Wall of Sustainable Wine to illustrate the scale and scope of California's commitment to sustainability and to highlight a wide range of California wineries that are sustainably ce

If you would like to have your brand or brands considered for inclusion in this display, please fill out the form, linked in this post, by Monday, April 18th.


One-Day Sale!

posted: April 6, 2022

Looking for the latest viticulture and technology from the world's top experts? The Sustainable Ag Expo brings together researchers and growers so you can earn continuing education hours and improve your business all while connecting with peers and agriculture companies.


Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards

posted: March 30, 2022

Every five years, the SIP Certified Standards undergo a peer review by representatives from the university and extension system, state and federal agencies, agricultural professionals, and environmental and social organizations. These experts are asked to review the Standards chapters and provide their feedback via comments and questions.

The 2023 SIP Certified Standards peer review was completed in February 2022 by fifteen experts in the field, and the Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the comments in March 2022.


SIP Certified Sustainable Wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands - Christy on the Vine

posted: March 21, 2022

Christy on the Vine brought Pisoni Vineyards' 2019 Lucia Pinot Noir and McIntyre's 2019 SLH Chardonnay to the Monterey Bay to soak in the sun and appreciate these two Santa Lucia Highlands SIP Certified sustainable wines.


Cal Poly Survey Reveals that Being SIP Certified Increases the Adoption of Irrigation Efficiency Best Management Practices

posted: March 16, 2022

In 2021, Dustin Tran and Nicholas Lawrence Babin of California Polytechnical Institute conducted a survey of 91 vineyard managers in the Paso Robles American Viticultural Area. The aim of their study was to assess the level of, and barriers to, adopting six irrigation efficiency best management practices (BMP).

"There was a clear relationship between BMP adoption and the vineyard and vineyard manager characteristics included in the study." Of the vineyards assessed, 20 were SIP Certified, and the remaining 71 were not.


Pisoni Family Vineyards Receives CA DPR's 2021 IPM Achievement Award

posted: February 25, 2022

Congratulations to Pisoni Family Vineyards! The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) recognizes their innovation and commitment to adopting safer, more sustainable pest management practices by awarding them the 2021 IPM Achievement Award.


"The Best Things to Do in San Luis Obispo, California, from Historic Missions to Kelp Foraging"

posted: January 24, 2022

Johnny Bierman of Condé Nest Traveler wrote this great article on our beautiful SLO County! Be sure to read Day 2, where he mentions the SLO County Farm Trail, created by SIP Certified winemakers, and regenerative farming businesses.


Ag Order 4.0 Webinar

posted: January 21, 2022

Wondering how the new AG Order 4.0 requirements impact your vineyard? Sara Lopez with Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc reviews the requirements, new Third-Party programs, and how these all relate to grape growers so you can maintain compliance.


Apply for the California Green Medal Award

posted: December 16, 2021

Applications are now being accepted for the 8th Annual California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards!

As a SIP Certified member, you are eligible to apply in four award categories that recognize your outstanding achievement in sustainability...


We know your customers are looking for wines labeled as “sustainable”

posted: December 15, 2021

In a recent systematic review of 30 studies, consumers reported a higher preference for ecolabel and social responsibility labels compared to nutrition labels. Achieving SIP Certified gives you third-party verification that your vineyard, winery, or wine has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards so your customers know that their wine was made with care.


Sustainability is Not a Trend

posted: December 8, 2021

Did you know 83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food? Sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming a cultural shift. When your customers ask about sustainable wines, they can rest assured that SIP Certified shows your dedication to responsible practices from the soil to the bottle. Here are three ways certification brings value to your good work:


Help Us Set the Bar for Sustainability

posted: December 1, 2021

SIP Certified sets the bar for sustainability with strict requirements that help you measure your environmental, social, and community impact while assuring your consumers that the product in their bottle was made with conscience and care. But don't take it from us...


How will the SIP Certified Self-Assessment help you?

posted: November 24, 2021

Here are 5 ways the SIP Certified Sef-Assessment will help your business.


December Certification Tips - Share the PML

posted: November 22, 2021

Get a jump start on 2022 certification by reviewing and updating a few chapters this month. Don't forget to share the Prohibited Materials List with anyone making spray decisions.


Tips to start your SIP Certified Self-Assessment

posted: November 17, 2021

So, you want to be a sustainable winegrower but aren’t sure where to start? SIP Certified includes the latest practices from water conservation to soil quality, recycling to human resources. Join the thousands of winegrowers who have already completed the self-assessment. Learn what sustainable practices you are already doing and consider any practices that you are not doing to see if there are things you would like to implement this year.


"But do I have time to get SIP Certified?"

posted: November 10, 2021

We know your day is busy running your wine business and you wonder if you will have time to get SIP Certified. Completing the Self-Assessment takes less than three hours and helps you know if you are ready to take the next step to certification. To attain certification, you will need to implement and document all Requirements, earn at least 50% of the Management Enhancements Points, and complete the documentation and onsite inspection by July 15.


Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Tostada with Riverbench Wine

posted: October 19, 2021

Why not serve a little wine with breakfast? This sparkling rose from Riverbench pairs perfectly with Huevos Rancheros Tostadas. Jerry James Stone includes a great tip on how to ripen avocados.


Cherry Tomato Hummus Toast with Baileyana Wine

posted: October 12, 2021

Jerry James Stone's cherry tomato storage tip: keep them somewhere cool, away from direct light and they will last an easy 10 days. You can story them in the refrigerator but just for a few days before the texture changes. He is pairing this toast with a great Syrah from Baileyana.


SIP Certified Welcomes New Members to Its Growing List of Sustainable Vineyards and Wineries

posted: October 7, 2021

SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certified recently welcomed over fifteen new properties to its family of sustainably certified vineyards and wineries. The new members span Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Kings County and join nearly two-hundred and fifty other SIP Certified businesses across California and Michigan.


Strawberry Avocado Toast with CRU Wine

posted: October 5, 2021

If you love to drink pink, try a dry rose with salads and sandwiches. Pair your sweeter roses with melons, strawberries, and citrus. Today's recipe features CRU Rose and a delish toast loaded with goat cheese, avocado, and strawberries - what a way to kick off a meal. Our favorite part is Jerry James Stone's hack for cutting strawberries.


Spinach Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms with Wrath Wine

posted: September 27, 2021

Two classic appetizers in one! Creamy and tangy spinach and artichoke dip stuffed inside roasted savory mushrooms with a crunchy topping. Pairs perfectly with a Pinot Noir.


Have you heard the exciting news?

posted: September 1, 2021

A letter from Beth Vukmanic, Program Director, to all of our SIP Certified Members: As you likely already heard, Kris Beal, our Vineyard Team Executive Director since 1998, is retiring at the end of the year and we are thrilled for her to move into the next chapter. Starting January 1, 2022, I am very honored to step into the role of Executive Director at Vineyard Team.


SIP Certified and Sheila Kearns Chocolates; The Perfect Pairing

posted: July 19, 2021

SIP Certified recently partnered with Sheila Kearns Chocolates in San Luis Obispo to create pairings for a few SIP Certified wines. Kearns’ chocolates are in step with the tenets of SIP Certified as they are ethically sourced, organic, and in eco-friendly packaging. It was a blast to work with Sheila on these pairings and an absolutely delicious pairing.


2021 Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

posted: July 2, 2021

Winners announced for the seventh annual California Green Medal in Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership. Read along to learn how SIP Certified Trinchero Family Estates earned the 2021 title of Sustainable Winegrowing Business and learn more about practices they use daily to promote sustainability throughout their vineyards.


Discover the small batch wines of Shale Oak Winery

posted: June 25, 2021

Just a short drive off Highway 46 West lies the beautiful, sustainable oasis of Shale Oak Winery. Known throughout the area for its award-winning, small batch wines, the winery’s tasting room has become one of the top destinations for wine lovers visiting the Paso Robles wine region.


CONSUMED: a podcast - Season IX: Beth Vukmanic, Program Director + fitness influencer, Vineyard Team/SIP Certified + Bethercize

posted: June 1, 2021

When Beth Vukmanic came on the podcast, I was certain we'd talk only about her work with the Vineyard Team, an organization based in Atascadero, California that promotes sustainable winegrowing throughout the U.S. But Beth surprised me with all her many special fun facts: she was born in a moving VW Rabbit on a freeway in Detroit, she plays the harp professionally, and — here’s the biggie — she is a fitness superstar. No really.


Más Vino Please! If we care so much about our food, why don’t we think that way about wine?

posted: May 11, 2021

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which wines are natural and/or sustainable unless you do the research. (Lucky for you, I’ve already done a bunch of research and there will definitely be a newsletter about How-To Natty Wines). But until then, a great resource to use is Their website lists all the wine companies, vineyards and wineries with their certification so you can easily reference sustainable wines.


Shady Lane Cellars Braces for Busiest Summer Season Yet

posted: May 3, 2021

SUTTON’S BAY, MICHIGAN – The team at Shady Lane Cellars is preparing for its busiest summer season yet. And they want all who open a bottle or fill a glass with Shady Lane Cellars wine to know it was cultivated with a conscience.

Winemaker Kasey Wierzba, Vineyard Manager Andy Fles and General Manager Rick DeBlasio believe in the wine they make at this Leelanau Peninsula destination. Their sustainable practices are deeply imbedded in winemaking and were recognized when Shady Lane Cellars earned SIP – Sustainability in Practice – certification for its Michigan vineyard last fall.


Earth Day and Sustainability - Featuring Niner Wine Estates, Vina Robles Winery, & The Vineyard Team

posted: April 15, 2021

With Earth Day right around the corner, Adam Monteil is highlighting Paso Robles producers who are walking the walk to be sustainable and make world class wines. Learn what it means to make wine sustainably with Beth Vukmanic, Program Director of SIP Certified then about the great work going on a local wineries Niner Wine Estates with Andy Niner and Vina Robles with Kevin Willenborg


Steps to Get SIP Certified

posted: April 1, 2021

SIP Certified sustainable is a certification program providing third-party verification that your vineyard, winery, or both has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards based on the best practices. These the below steps help you get started with program.


Taking the Temperature - Grape Expectations

posted: March 30, 2021

For Midwest winemakers, higher temperatures mean more opportunities to grow different grape varieties — but bring a new slew of challenges. Grape growers in the Midwest — Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin — are largely spared from the raging wildfires that threaten vineyards on the West Coast. But they do have to navigate how the region’s increasingly erratic weather patterns and changes in the environment will affect their product — the timing of ripening, alcohol content, acidity, and even the color of the wine.


How to Communicate Sustainability w/Beth Vukmanic Lopez of The Vineyard Team

posted: March 29, 2021

Beth Vukmanic Lopez joins the Craft & Cluster podcast to talk with us about why communicating your sustainability in your marketing is important in ensuring your brand’s economic sustainability. Beth even lists a few resources on HOW to communicate your sustainability in your various marketing channels!


Vineyard Team is Runner Up for the Footprint Stakeholder Engagement Award

posted: March 26, 2021

The Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards is the barometer for sustainability and responsible business practice for the drinks industry and represents the annual celebration of businesses and individuals making a difference to sustainability in the on-trade drinks sector and its supply chain.


Sustainable Farming for the Future

posted: March 22, 2021

“The SIP program assesses the big picture,” Mark (Pisoni) notes. Its integrative “block-to-bottle” approach uses independent, measurable scientific standards to assess relationships between winemakers, workers, and the environment. (Sustainability) is a principle which, put into practice, involves hundreds and hundreds of decisions annually and an unceasing effort to gauge how the sum of small, daily choices affects the complex, vital relationship between the land and the people who live and work upon it.


There is always a reason to celebrate at Rava Wines

posted: March 16, 2021

As a third-generation farming family, Chad and Lauren Rava were looking for a different approach to growing grapes and producing wine when they established Rava Wines. Stepping away from corporate wine grape growing they built their winery in the El Pomar District a sub appellation in the Paso Robles AVA, where they enjoy a simple way of life while raising their family and running their business.


Eat, Drink, Ski, Hike, Explore on These Northern Michigan Tours

posted: March 11, 2021

MyNorth is here to help you eat, drink, ski, hike, and explore Northern Michigan. An added bonus to Northern Michigan food and drink tours? Many offer opportunities for outdoor excursions either onsite or close by. One of the favorites included in a recent article is SIP Certified Shady Lane Cellars.


Miller Family Wine Company Releases New Smashberry Chardonnay

posted: March 9, 2021

Dedicated to blending untraditional and exciting flavors together, Smashberry seeks to smash old paradigms and establish bold new ones with their line-up of fruit-forward wines from the Central Coast. Staying true to Smashberry’s roots in blends, the 2019 Smashberry Chardonnay is a lively blend of Chardonnay and Viognier, sourced from SIP Certified vineyards in the Paso Robles appellation.


Sustainable Wines in Paso Robles Wine Country

posted: March 8, 2021

In recent years, Paso Robles quickly became a top wine region in California. Equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco, the once bucolic town is now a popular destination for food and wine drinkers alike. With more acres of vines going into the ground, the need for sustainable farming was apparent and SIP Certified has worked with a number of Paso Robles area wines for over twenty five years to ensure the land can be farmed for years to come.


Sustainability: It's In Our Roots

posted: March 4, 2021

As the first self-assessment for sustainable vineyard farming, SIP Certified was designed by growers for the wine industry. Today, SIP Certified is still rooted in its original mission of helping growers and winemakers implement the best possible practices.


Understanding Clean Wine Designations

posted: March 2, 2021

For those of us who go to great lengths to  make sure our food is safe, why not do the same for wine? There are hundreds of wineries in the US ditching chemicals in favor of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Consumers can easily buy organic, biodynamic, and SIP Certified wines in most bottle shops, but seldom know what these certifications really mean. Clear and concise explanations of these clean-wines are hard to come by. I wanted to know what “clean” wine was all about.


Winemakers Care for the Planet

posted: February 22, 2021

Jerry Greenfield of the Florida Weekly addresses how farmers are deeply concerned about the land that provides their living. More and more, winemakers and the people who grow their grapes have been moving toward more sensible, sustainable agricultural practices.


Kiss My Wine

posted: February 19, 2021

Besa mi vino – a new, clean and sustainable wine brand that is Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, with zero grams of sugar and low in sulfites. We are one of a small group of wine brands that are SIP Certified (Sustainable in Practice). In addition, all the energy we use to make our wines at our winery in Paso Robles is generated through the solar panels on our vineyards making us a 100% self-sustainable winery!


Sustainable Wine in Sonoma County

posted: February 9, 2021

When planning a wine tasting trip to Sonoma County, the number of places on the map is overwhelming and can seem daunting, but looking for wineries that align with your personal ethos and commitment to conservation helps whittle down your selection. Specifically looking for wineries with sustainable certification is an efficient way to find vineyards and wineries with practices that follow the three P’s of sustainability; People, Planet, and Prosperity. Ready to hit the road to Sonoma County? Let’s go.


Bigger Than Your Head Alternative Reds: Not Cab., Mer., or P.N.

posted: February 8, 2021

Looking for something different to fill your glass? Bigger Than Your Head has the post for you, exploring unusual varieties. One highlight includes Castoro Cellars Reserve Tannat 2016, Estrella District, Paso Robles. 100 percent varietal; it aged 18 months in French and American oak barrels. The color is opaque black-purple with a transparent rim; the whole ripe, fleshy enterprise exudes elements of blackberries, currants and plums, permeated by hints of cloves and smoke, lavender and grilled, slightly charred meat; this displays tremendous traction on the palate, sliding through lip-smacking acidity and tannins that grow a bit shaggy as the moments pass; an oak nuance comes up in the finish, lending smoke and woodsy notes.


Why Get SIP Certified?

posted: February 4, 2021

Did you know 83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food? When your customers ask about sustainable wines, they can rest assured that SIP Certified shows a farmers and winemakers dedication to responsible practices from the soil to the bottle. Here are three ways certification brings value to your good work:


Call for Applications for the Seventh Annual California Green Medal:

posted: February 3, 2021

California vineyards and wineries are encouraged to apply for the 2021 California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards. Applications are now being accepted at The California Green Medal is presented by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), California Association of Winegrape Growers, Wine Institute, Lodi Winegrape Commission, Napa Valley Vintners, Sonoma County Winegrowers and The Vineyard Team.


Latest Reviews of Sustainable Wines from Catherine Fallis

posted: February 1, 2021

Planet Grape Wine Review delivers short, non-technical reviews for regular people. Created by renowned wine expert Catherine Fallis, the world’s fifth female Master Sommelier. Here are her latest reviews of SIP Certified brands.


Wines for a Warming Planet: SIP Certified

posted: January 18, 2021

Today, there are dozens of organizations worldwide that have been established to certify that wineries are producing wines that are less impactful on the planet. While most people likely understand the concept of “organic wine”, fewer, perhaps could explain the concept of “sustainable wines." Sustainability not only addresses what products are used in the production of wine, but it also considers how much is used, particularly in the case of water, a resource of increasing scarcity, particularly in California. Perhaps of equal importance, sustainability also considers the human aspect of grape/wine production–how employees are treated and compensated.


Wrath's San Saba Pinot Noir Awarded by Slow Wine Guide

posted: January 13, 2021

Slow Wine USA (, a branch of the Slow Food movement begun in Italy in 1989 to protect local food cultures and traditions, has awarded Wrath’s Pinot Noir, San Saba Vineyard 2017 with its “COIN” award, designating that it represents an “excellent value for the price”. Wines submitted for judging by this organization must represent awareness of sustainable practices in the vineyard- to promote biodiversity, in the winery- where production methods should intervene as little as possible so the wines are an expression “of place” and in the community- to support the living environment for their employees and neighbors.


Influencer Marketing from Canned Wine Startup

posted: January 11, 2021

The founding brothers want a company that creates wines consumers can feel good about drinking. The days of tossing out stale unfinished glass bottles and wine containing pesticides and animal byproducts are gone. Besa is aiming for consumers with a socially and environmentally conscious mindset. Besa’s brand is centered around the state of mind of “being present” in all that you do. When living in the present and enjoying every moment for what it is; happiness, clarity and good decision can occur. Live every day for the gift that it is.


6 Ways SIP Certified Helps Your Brand

posted: January 7, 2021

83% of Americans consider sustainability an important factor when buying food and wine. SIP Certified differentiates your brand from your competition. Learn how.


What is Sustainable Wine? Ask Beth Vukmanic

posted: December 30, 2020

Paul of Wine talks with Paul K says, "I hear 'this wine is sustainable' regularly from the wineries and vendors....what does that mean? Hear the answer...from Beth Vukmanic....and by the way, this girl is cut...we talk about her exercise regiment as well."


A Sustainable Wine Roadtrip: The Santa Maria Valley

posted: December 16, 2020

Honing in on certified sustainable wineries is a great way to plan a trip and on this particular trip, we head to the Santa Maria Valley. An area comprised of over 2,500 vineyard acres, oriented from east to west routing ocean air directly into the valley, and with a steady Mediterranean climate yields one of California’s longest growing seasons. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah prosper in the Santa Maria Valley, but there are many under-discovered varietals the valley has to offer.


Sustainable Sippers

posted: November 17, 2020

Local winemakers keep both the palate and the planet in mind. At its core, winemaking is an agricultural endeavor. Soil is tilled, vines are trained, grapes are grown, and the crop is picked. As winemakers have come to realize, however, these processes can have significant ecological and labor implications. Consequently, a growing interest in sustainable winemaking is spreading throughout the industry. And along the Central Coast, select vineyards have gone above and beyond to meet the stringent standards of the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) program.


How Green Medal Award Winning Pisoni Vineyards Is Ramping Up Sustainability Efforts

posted: November 16, 2020

At Pisoni Family Vineyards, sustainability is about best farming practices drawn from conventional, natural, organic, and biodynamic approaches. It’s a small operation that invests in overall ecosystem management. 


Kris Beal Awarded Carl F. Hertz Distinguished Service in Agriculture Award

posted: November 12, 2020

Kris Beal, longtime Executive Director of the Vineyard Team was awarded the Carl F. Hertz Distinguished Service in Agriculture Award. 


The Importance of Sustainable Certification

posted: October 26, 2020

As consumers, it is increasingly important to us that we know the origins of what we’re putting into our bodies. When it comes to wine we have SIP Certified; this holistic approach to running a vineyard and winery accounts for habitat, water, energy, soil, recycling, air quality, packaging, pest management, social equity, and business management.


SIP Certified Welcomes New Winery and Vineyard Members

posted: October 21, 2020

SIP Certified welcomes over fifteen new vineyards and wineries to their line-up of businesses committed to practicing sustainable farming and winemaking practices. The holistic nature of the third-party certification process encompasses the three P’s of sustainability; People, Planet, Prosperity. As the consumer demand for full transparency continues to grow, programs like SIP Certified are crucial for providing vineyards and wineries with a system holding them accountable.


Sustainable Wine One SIP At A Time

posted: October 9, 2020

Winegrowers' and winemakers' actions have implications beyond the fence line. Thankfully, SIP Certified is dedicated to protecting the people and the planet by supporting sustainable winegrowing practices. 43 million bottles and counting! During this value-packed webinar with Good Impacts, SIP Certified Manager Beth Vukmanic Lopez explains how a focus on people, planet, and profit is creating a more sustainable wine industry.


Shady Lane Cellars Earns Prestigious Sustainability Certification

posted: October 7, 2020

The staff at Shady Lane Cellars have long made sustainable practices a priority in their business, and now their Leelanau-based vineyard is earning official recognition for those efforts.


Kris Beal is Named 2020 Wine Industry Leader

posted: September 23, 2020

Every year, Wine Business Monthly sets out to honor those who shape the way the wine industry operates or how people drink wine. We are thrilled to see our Executive Director since 1998, Kris Beal, make the list.


A (Safe) Wine & Wellness Road Trip Escape Up California's Central Coast

posted: September 21, 2020

If you’re craving wide-open spaces, pristine uncrowded beaches, sun-kissed vineyards, winding coastal roads, and golden sunsets, don't delay. Pack up the car, and explore Central California. While the world adapts to safe travel during COVID-19, road trips may just be the solution for the adventure and freedom you crave with the safety you need. Road tripping helps you reconnect with feelings of spontaneity, optimism, and fun while giving you the flexibility to safely stay away from crowds.


SIP Certified to share survey results, resources for wineries in upcoming webinar

posted: September 16, 2020

SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certified recently surveyed tasting room professionals to better understand the challenges facing tasting rooms in a COVID world as well as the resources used to keep up to date on protocols, and some of the triumphs navigating these monumental times. The survey focused on operational, customer-facing, and communication-centric questions that provided insight into both successes and hurdles in operating a tasting room at this time.


Nathan Carlson Reflects on a Decade with Center of Effort Wines

posted: September 16, 2020

After a decade of working with Center of Effort Wine, time seems to have passed quickly. “As I think back, we have accomplished so much in that time. Our wines have found a rhythm, we understand the estate and the land, and we have begun to make adjustments based on deep knowledge of this place,” explains Nathan.


Center of Effort Achieves Elite Winery Status

posted: September 14, 2020

Winery Becomes SIP Certified, Enhancing COE’s Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability


Giving Back: Social Responsibility

posted: June 9, 2020

With conscious consumerism on the rise, it’s important to not only invest in social responsibility but to be proud of what you’re doing. Let’s take a look at some community building charities from SIP Certified members and hope it sparks ideas for future initiatives. Big or small, wineries helping in their respective communities make all the difference.


Deep thoughts:

posted: April 23, 2020

At home in A-Town, an online somm appears like a mirage in the desert eliciting veritas from vino.


SIP with a Somm

posted: April 17, 2020

Join Ian Adamo of Somm's Kitchen for and innovative new way to share food and wine pairings.


2018 Opolo Viognier Wine Review

posted: April 7, 2020

I would suggest having this Viognier with some king crab legs.


Sip for Scholars Event Raises Funds for Children of Central Coast Vineyard Workers

posted: February 25, 2020

On Friday, February 28, 2020, Vineyard Team will be hosting a benefit for the Vineyard Team Educational Scholarship Fund from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Nine Wine Estates located at 2400 Highway 46 West in Paso Robles.


Bellagreen Debuts Winter Seasonal Menu

posted: January 23, 2020

Check out these new Menus items offered by Bellagreen!


10 Best Wines to Compliment Winter Dishes

posted: January 22, 2020

Here are some top wine choices to enjoy while cooking this winter!


Wine’s Most Inspiring People: The Consistent Force Behind Sustainability in Practice

posted: January 17, 2020

Learn more about SIP certified wineries and how they take the pleasure in holding this title and implementing the principle of sustainable practices throughout their whole farm.


A Chat With Laura Booras of Riverbench Vineyard & Winery

posted: January 14, 2020

You won't want to miss this piece to learn more about Laura Booras of Riverbench Vineyard & Winery!


Falanghina and Lagrein from California? Of course! #WinePW

posted: January 13, 2020

Check out this review of wines made from lesser known grape varieties and how they pair with many different meals.


Green Wines with Catherine Fallis and Deborah Parker Wong

posted: January 8, 2020

Check out this review of Green Wines with Catherine Fallis and Deborah Parker Wong


Green Personality of the Year – Kris Beal, executive director of Vineyard Team

posted: December 31, 2019

Check out who was named Green Personality of the Year by The Drinks Business!


Wrath Wines Swan/828 Pinot Noir 2017

posted: December 10, 2019

Check out this review of Wrath Wines Pinot Noir 2017, Certified by SIP!


Planet Grape Wine Reviews Top Ten Green Wines

posted: December 4, 2019

Earth friendly wine? Learn more about the ways wines are made and categorized by three regulated tiers, Sustainable, Organic, and Biodynamic.


Call for Applications for the Sixth Annual California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

posted: December 2, 2019

California vineyards and wineries are encouraged to apply for the 2020 California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards.


ReSIProcal February

posted: November 18, 2019

SIP Your Best Life with ReSIProcal February. Receive two (2) complimentary tastings at any participating SIP Certified member tasting room. All you need to do is show the email you received from your wine club or the take-away available at all participating tasting rooms!


Al San Saba Vyd Monterey County Sauvigon Blanc '18 91 Points James Melendez

posted: October 28, 2019

You won't want to miss this review of Al Sauvignon Blanc!


Wine Guy: Try these alternative white wines

posted: October 21, 2019

Looking for a great new white wine to satisfy your palette? Check out this list of alternative white wines!


The Lonely Slog of Farming Right: Does Anyone Really Care About Organic and Sustainable Wine?

posted: October 14, 2019

So what do winemakers do, and does the public really care if a vineyard is farmed sustainably, organically or even biodynamically to begin with?


Millenial Taste: A New Generation Of Wine

posted: October 7, 2019

Millenials market share of wine sales now matches baby boomers.


Laurie Daniel on Wine: 2017 Baileyana “Firepeak” Pinot Noir

posted: September 6, 2019

Paragon is planted to nearly a dozen grape varieties chosen for their ability to shine in Edna Valley’s cool climate


Sustainable Wine Tasting on the San Luis Obispo Coast

posted: September 3, 2019

Not all wine is created equal, nor are all grapes grown equally in the vineyard. Many wineries throughout the San Luis Obispo Coast farm their vineyards and make their wines “sustainably,” meaning they choose to save water, encourage biodiversity, take care of their workers and give tasters wines that do no harm to Mother Earth.


Great Sustainable Wine; Baker & Brain Gruner Veltliner

posted: September 2, 2019

The signature Gruner Veltliner, made of grapes sourced from Edna Valley—one of the great “secret” wine regions of the world.


Great Sustainable Wine: J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc

posted: September 2, 2019

...but before all that happens, that feeling of peace, relaxation and bliss upon the ocean—that’s this wine - the 2016 J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc.


James the Wine Guy August 2019 Wine Reviews

posted: August 29, 2019

August was a very nice wine tasting month fir James including wines from Opolo and Fiddlestix.


Restaurant Wine by Ronn Wiegand

posted: August 29, 2019

The new issue of Restaurant Wine by Ronn Wiegand just came out and a number of SIP Certified wines did extremely well.


Bigger Than Your Head “Interesting” Whites

posted: August 27, 2019

Fredric Koeppel brings you new whites to try.


SIP Certified Announces Newly Certified, High-Profile Vineyards for 2019

posted: August 27, 2019

SIP Certified (Sustainability in Practice) has just released a list of new vineyards that have been certified sustainable for 2019. The high-profile group includes six new properties and two long-time members.


Bottles Beverage Superstore Highlights SIP Certified Sustainable Wines

posted: August 23, 2019

"We are beyond thrilled to be the FIRST retailer on the East Coast working with SIP Certified"


Planet Grape Wine Review: SIP Certified Wines

posted: August 23, 2019

Planet Grape Wine Review delivers short, non-technical reviews for regular people. Check out the latest reviews of SIP Certified wines.


Wine Enthusiast Favorite California Chardonnays for $25 or Less

posted: August 22, 2019

Two of the five are SIP Certified sustainable. Great wines really do come from healthy vineyards.


Visit Paso Robles; Incredible Light Art Instillation and Wine Tasting

posted: August 21, 2019

Sarah A. Spitz gets out of town to see artist Bruce Munro’s massive outdoor walk-through installation called Field of Light and rides through the Halter Ranch Vineyards on their popular land rover tour.


Drink Sustainably With SIP Certified Wines

posted: August 21, 2019

Syrah Queen delves into how the wine industry is looking to make sustainable wines that give back to the land and community on every level plus some great wines you can try that protect the people and planet.


YouTube Playlist: Jame the Wine Guy Reviews SIP Certified Wines

posted: July 26, 2019

Reviewing sustainable wines on one channel. Sustainability comes in many colours that can hone in on relevant, cutting edge and helpful ways of producing high quality fruit with absolute sensitivity to the planet and people.


James the Wine Guy Interview Series: Beth Vukmanic Lopez, SIP Certified Manager

posted: July 22, 2019

I have long been a fan of all sustainability programs because the reach, intent and adoption are in touch with today’s needs for environmentally friendly and responsibly produced wines.


Boozehound Wine Each Week – McIntyre 2018 Rose’ of Pinot Noir

posted: July 15, 2019

Looking for a rose to sip this summer? Check out this review!


SIP Certified: A Start to Combat Climate Change

posted: July 15, 2019

The drunken cyclist asks what can we do to address the situation? Well, for one, we can start buying products that are friendly to the environment.


Influencer Marketing from Canned Wine Startup

posted: June 17, 2019

LA Based Canned Wine startup, Besa mi Vino is on a mission to produce clean wine for the world we live in. Not only did they just launch with two wines, they are partnered with elite influencers, estimating to receive millions of impressions of their wines while reaching socially conscious millennial consumers.


22 Cabernet Sauvignon Wines, Mostly Napa Valley

posted: June 10, 2019

Fredric Koeppel of Bigger Than Your Head highlights 22 Cabernet Sauvignon Wines, Mostly Napa Valley but also including an excellent Paso Robles wine from Halter Ranch.


10 Reasons to Visit Paso Robles Now

posted: June 4, 2019

Looking for a summer get away? Money Inc agrees with us, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Paso Robles. Just a 3-hour drive north from Los Angeles or south from San Francisco, Paso Robles feels worlds away from city life.


Winemakers care for the planet

posted: June 4, 2019

Jerry Greenfield of the Florida Weekly addresses how farmers are deeply concerned about the land that provides their living. More and more, winemakers and the people who grow their grapes have been moving toward more sensible, sustainable agricultural practices.


Wines for a Warming Planet

posted: June 3, 2019

The Drunken Cyclist started a blog in 2012 as a creative outlet to write about his passions: wine and cycling (hence the “Drunken Cyclist” moniker). The blog has become exclusively on wine for its compelling stories–from the vineyard, to the tasting room, to the table.


Latest Reviews of Sustainable Wines from Catherine Fallis

posted: May 11, 2019

Planet Grape Wine Review delivers short, non-technical reviews for regular people. Created by renowned wine expert Catherine Fallis, the world’s fifth female Master Sommelier. Here are her latest reviews of SIP Certified brands.