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SIP Certified is committed and dedicated to protecting the people, the planet, and the environment, also producing high-quality wines by supporting social responsibility, sustainable winemaking and wine growing practices, and sustainable vineyards, wineries, and wines.

SIP Certified sustainable is a program providing third-party verification that a wine, winery, or vineyard has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards. The sustainable certification is based on best practices and committed to continuous improvement in those areas. To get you started, we offer a self-assessment to teach best practices for your vineyard and/or winery to determine what areas need to be improved. Our email series helps focus your efforts to meet your sustainability goals and walk you through the steps towards SIP Certified and then retain certification year after year.

Our winegrowers and winemakers understand that their actions have implications beyond the fence line, as grapes are grown, harvested, and made into wine, a lot of environmental factors are taken into consideration. When you grab a bottle of wine marked with a SIP Certified sustainability certification, you know that your wine was made with the environment, social responsibility, and high-quality in mind.

Michael Thomas

Wrath Wines

It’s all in the Dirt

Michael Thomas is not afraid to get his hands dirty. As the owner/operator of Monterey County’s Wrath Wines and an archaeologist who directs the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy at the University of Texas at Austin, Michael spends...

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Aaron Walker

Pali Wine Co.

At the Helm

From a young age, Aaron Walker always remembers sailing as being a constant in his life. He learned early on that sailing provides an incredible mental escape, “Sailing gives you a lot of time to reflect, ponder, and let your brain go. I remember even a

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Wines for a Warming Planet: SIP Certified
January 18, 2021

Today, there are dozens of organizations worldwide that have been established to certify that wineries are producing wines that are less impactful on the planet. While most people likely understand the concept of “organic wine”, fewer, perhaps could explain the concept of “sustainable wines." Sustainability not only addresses what products are used in the production of wine, but it also considers how much is used, particularly in the case of water, a resource of increasing scarcity, particularly in California. Perhaps of equal importance, sustainability also considers the human aspect of grape/wine production–how employees are treated and compensated.


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SIP Certified 101
February 3, 2021

From best winegrowing practices to explaining your certification to marketing tips and tricks, the webinar will be jam-packed with valuable education.



Looking to buy or sell SIP Certified grapes and wine?
January 20, 2021

Now it is even easier to buy and sell sustainably produced grapes and wine with our new Grape Market. We get calls from brands looking for SIP Certified grapes and wine so we developed a free, easy to use classified section on our website: