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SIP Certified is committed and dedicated to protecting the people, the planet, and the environment, also producing high-quality wines by supporting social responsibility, sustainable winemaking and wine growing practices, and sustainable vineyards, wineries, and wines.

SIP Certified sustainable is a program providing third-party verification that a wine, winery, or vineyard has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards. The sustainable certification is based on best practices and committed to continuous improvement in those areas. To get you started, we offer a self-assessment to teach best practices for your vineyard and/or winery to determine what areas need to be improved. Our email series helps focus your efforts to meet your sustainability goals and walk you through the steps towards SIP Certified and then retain certification year after year.

Our winegrowers and winemakers understand that their actions have implications beyond the fence line, as grapes are grown, harvested, and made into wine, a lot of environmental factors are taken into consideration. When you grab a bottle of wine marked with a SIP Certified sustainability certification, you know that your wine was made with the environment, social responsibility, and high-quality in mind.

Kim and Steve McIntyre

McIntyre Vineyards

Big Dogs, Little Grapes

When they’re not relaxing on a California beach with their gigantic dogs, Steve and Kim McIntyre are growing grapes and making wines sustainably. For more than a decade, the McIntyres have been active members of SIP Certified...

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Erin Amaral

Pacific Coast Farming

Enjoy the Silence

Erin finds her solace in the isolation of backpacking. “Technology is coming at us constantly so I enjoy disconnecting from the hustle and bustle, hearing my thoughts, and getting in touch with myself by connecting to nature.”

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Earth Day and Sustainability - Featuring Niner Wine Estates, Vina Robles Winery, & The Vineyard Team
April 15, 2021

With Earth Day right around the corner, Adam Monteil is highlighting Paso Robles producers who are walking the walk to be sustainable and make world class wines. Learn what it means to make wine sustainably with Beth Vukmanic, Program Director of SIP Certified then about the great work going on a local wineries Niner Wine Estates with Andy Niner and Vina Robles with Kevin Willenborg


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Social Media & Sustainability Online Workshop
April 22, 2021

Running a sustainable business isn’t limited to environmental aspects, but also includes instituting practices and that allow your marketing efforts to fit within your budget and have lasting effects. This webinar will cover how to communicate sustainability online as well as how to communicate your social equity practices. In addition to those topics, the hosts will drop some handy social media tips you will not want to miss.



April Certification Tips
March 29, 2021

It’s evident that conveying your brand values on your label is crucial to stand out on the shelf.