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Many consumers want to buy sustainable wines but are not sure how to find them. SIP Certified shows that winegrowers use practices that protect the people and planet so their customers know that their wine was made with care. Sustainability looks at the three P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity.

SIP Certified is committed and dedicated to protecting natural and human resources, also producing high-quality wines by supporting social responsibility, sustainable winemaking and wine growing practices, and sustainable vineyards, wineries, and wines.

SIP Certified sustainable is a program providing third-party verification that a wine, winery, or vineyard has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards. The sustainable certification is based on best practices and committed to continuous improvement in those areas. To get you started, we offer a self-assessment to teach best practices for your vineyard and/or winery to determine what areas need to be improved. Our email series helps focus your efforts to meet your sustainability goals and walk you through the steps towards SIP Certified and then retain certification year after year.

Our winegrowers and winemakers understand that their actions have implications beyond the fence line, as grapes are grown, harvested, and made into wine, a lot of environmental factors are taken into consideration. When you grab a bottle of wine marked with a SIP Certified sustainability certification, you know that your wine was made with the environment, social responsibility, and high-quality in mind.

John Niven

Cadre Wines

White Wine on the Mind

When speaking with John Niven, his affection for white wine is quite tangible, “My whole groove is that I'm insanely passionate about white wine,” he explains and firmly believes that Edna Valley needs to be in the greater conversation about great whi

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Niels and Bimmer Udsen

Castoro Cellars

Creating a Sustainable Community

From their beginnings, the Udsens always look at farming practices of yesteryear to serve as alternatives to spraying harmful chemicals on their vineyards. Using practices like tilling, they understand their soil, as their community, is a living, breathin

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SIP Certified and Sheila Kearns Chocolates; The Perfect Pairing
July 19, 2021

SIP Certified recently partnered with Sheila Kearns Chocolates in San Luis Obispo to create pairings for a few SIP Certified wines. Kearns’ chocolates are in step with the tenets of SIP Certified as they are ethically sourced, organic, and in eco-friendly packaging. It was a blast to work with Sheila on these pairings and an absolutely delicious pairing.



Inspection Due
July 12, 2021

Thank you for your dedication to sustainability! Research shows the Trade want sustainable wines. We can help you market your good work.