What is SIP Certified?

Sustainability In Practice (SIP) Certified ® is a sustainable certification program for winegrowers and winemakers.

SIP Certified brands use third-party verified sustainable practices so you can feel confident your wine protects the people and the planet.


The 3 P's of Sustainability

Certification addresses the 3 P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet, Prosperity – ensuring that both natural and human resources are protected.


Community involvement, charitable donations, employee development and safety programs, continuing education, and much more are addressed in the program's Standards.


Alternative energy, recycling, habitat conservation plans, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), cover crops, organic soil additions, and responsible irrigation management practices all help to combat climate change and protect the environment.


You can't have a sustainable business if you can't sustain the business. That's why SIP Certified members must have annual/multi-year budgets, sales and marketing plans, and maintain legible inventory and production records.

“It’s important to me to be a conscientious member of our community. The SIP Certified program is a comprehensive process that demonstrates our dedication to people, our land, and our vines."

- Melani Harding, Owner and Winemaker, Bon Niche Cellars
San Miguel, CA


Members Uphold the 7 Values

  1. Social Responsibility - Competitive wages, medical insurance, training, and education.
  2. Water Management - Reduced/recycled water in the vineyards and winery.
  3. Safe Pest Management - Introduce beneficial insects, attract raptors, and plant enriching cover crops to keep vineyards healthy.
  4. Energy Efficiency - Alternative fuels and energy sources like solar and wind; minimal tractor usage; enhanced insulation in the winery.
  5. Habitat - Create wildlife corridors and preserve open space.
  6. Business - Ethical practices; treat employees and community with care and respect.
  7. Always Evolving - Evolve as new science, technology, and research becomes available.


Promoting Sustainable Winegrowing Since 2008

SIP Certified evolved from the award-winning self-assessment (Positive Points System) developed by Vineyard Team which helped growers evaluate their sustainable practices on every level, from habitat to water, soil to human resources.

After four years of intensive review by viticulture experts and experienced growers, SIP Certified launched its pilot program in 2008 with 3,700 acres of vines between Monterey and Santa Barbara counties.

Today, over 46,000 vineyard acres in California, Oregon, and Michigan, five wineries, and more than 60.3 million bottles of wine have been SIP Certified.

Consumers around the world can now find a wide array of sustainably produced wines to fit their needs, budgets, and stylistic preferences.



SIP Certified is proud to stand with other environmental leaders working to preserve our natural and human resources.

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