2021 Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards
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2021 Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

July 2


Congratulations to the 2021 winners of the California Green Medal in Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership. The California Green Medals were categorized as Sustainable Winegrowing Leader award, Sustainable Winegrowing Environment award, Sustainable Winegrowing Community award, and Sustainable Winegrowing Business award.

Congratulations to SIP Certified Los Alamos vineyard, Trinchero Family Estates. Trinchero Family Estates was the 2021 winner of the Green Medal Business award which was given to the winery that best demonstrates Smart Business through efficiencies, cost savings and innovation from implementing sustainable practices. The family and staff at Trinchero Family Estates believe that they have a responsibility to their customers, employees, partners, and communities to take meaningful actions to reduce their environmental impact and to incorporate sustainability into their business decisions. Trinchero Family Estates have reduced water use and maximized water reuse at production facilities and in the vineyards. They also minimized waste generated by its facilities, while striving to achieve a zero waste to landfill status. By reducing energy, fuel consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions; through conservation programs, facility, and package design; and the use of alternative energy installations, Trinchero Family Estates has positively impacted its triple bottom line. Its Guiding Environmental Policy has six commitments including continuing its long history of sustainable farming practices, minimizing water usage, waste generation, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and integrating environmental responsibility into its supply chain. By acting on these commitments, Trinchero Family Estates has shown that sustainability can be good for business.

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