2022 Wine Media Features
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2022 Wine Media Features

December 21


Sharing the News of Sustainable Wines

The internet and social media have enabled us to connect with others at a speed and on a scale unfathomable to people of the not-so-distant past. As an added benefit to our SIP Certified members, we team up with social media and lifestyle influencers to help promote SIP Certified brands and spread awareness about sustainable winegrowing.

Have you seen 2022's Wine Media Features?

Custom Food & Wine Recipe Pairings by Jerry James Stone

All year long, chef and food and wine blogger, Jerry James Stone, has created custom recipes made to pair with select SIP Certified wines. They are surprisingly easy to make and are packed with flavor and nutrients from whole-food ingredients. Check them out below!


Eye-Catching and Informative Instagram Posts and Blogs

Isis Daniel, aka the Millennial Somm, invites wine-growers and -makers to her #TastingThursday interviews on Instagram to relax and gain insight into the lives of the people behind the wines. Enjoy this interview with Kristen McIntyre!

Wine featured: McIntyre Vineyards 2018 Pinot Noir

Christy on the Vine has a wine blog dedicated to documenting her experiences with the wines she encounters on her exploration of California's diverse wine-growing regions.

Wines featured: McIntyre Vineyards 2019 SLH Chardonnay & Pisoni Family Vineyards 2019 Lucia Pinot Noir

Mike Cano, the face behind Latinx Wine, provides informative brand backstories and wine-tasting notes through his wine blog and Instagram.

Wines featured: Center of Effort 2017 Edna Valley Chardonnay & Cambria Estate Winery 2020 Julia's Vineyard Pinot Noir

Heather Bristol posts incredibly informative posts on her Instagram, educating consumers about what goes on behind the scenes in the wine industry.

Wines featured: Austin Hope 2019 Syrah & Center of Effort 2017 Edna Valley Chardonnay

Nancy Croisier got some help from her cat, Baron, on this educational post that goes over the 7 SIP Certified Values.

Wines featured: Lafond Vineyards 2018 667 Pinot Noir & Austin Hope 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

In her Wine with Paige blog post, Paige Comrie, OG "wine influencer," photographer, wine expert, and tastemaker, gives her take on why sustainability in the wine industry is so important.

Wines featured: Tolosa 2018 1772 Pinot Noir & Cambria Estate Winery 2020 Julia's Vineyard Pinot Noir

Kat, the Corkscrew Concierge, created an incredibly detailed Instagram post about SIP Certified vineyards and wine brands on the central coast.

Wines featured: Austin Hope 2019 Syrah & Tolosa 2018 1772 Pinot Noir

Would you like to see your wines in a future Wine Media Feature? Please email whitney@vineyardteam.org and we'll get started!


2022 - That's a wrap!

Thank you to all of our SIP Certified members who participated in 2022's Wine Media Features, and all of our social media influencers who shared the good work of our members who create their wines using methods that protect the people and the planet.