Agriculture forum: Imbibing sustainability
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Agriculture forum: Imbibing sustainability

November 9


"Everything in nature has a relationship with everything else when looked upon with a glaring lens. Mimicking this approach on agricultural lands not only will maximize the benefits of these ecosystem services, but can improve crop quality, yields and overall profitability."

- Adam Brown, Technician, Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)

After visiting with the most progressive growers in the Leelanau District of Michigan, Adam Brown, Technician of the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), wrote an article recognizing the commendable area growers enrolled in MAEAP who subscribe to the program's mission of protecting the natural resources with best agricultural practices.

Read Brown's article, Agriculture forum: Imbibing sustainability, where he calls out SIP Certified's two winegrape growers, Shady Lane Cellars, and WaterFire Vineyards, for protecting the agricultural ecosystems while producing their sustainable wines.