Call for third-party wine inspectors for SIP Certified
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Call for third-party wine inspectors for SIP Certified

July 20


SIP Certified is looking for third-party inspectors to audit SIP Certified Wine Applications. Applicants should have knowledge of the wine-making process, be organized, have clear communication skills, and want to support sustainable winegrowing. Qualified inspectors are trained and accredited through the SIP Certified program before working directly with winery clients. Wine applications are completed throughout the year as wineries are bottling.

It is the responsibility of the inspector to:

  • Verify that wines are made with at least 85 percent SIP Certified fruit by completing a chain-of-custody audit.
  • Review the applicant’s documentation, responses, and product based on the required documentation specified in the Wine Inspection Report.
  • Use and complete the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Wine Inspection Report to maintain consistency and ensure that all relevant information is reported.
  • Randomly select and review 20% of the applied-for wines and verify hardcopy chain of custody documentation on- or off-site.
  • Provide clear, accurate, thorough, and concise reports. Inspection reports are reviewed and verified by the CAC.
  • Include comment on overall performance and note any special circumstances in the comment box on the Inspection Report signature page.
  • Comment on all documentation verification.
  • Reports must be submitted in the appropriate format to program staff no later than five business days after completion of the inspection.

Potential inspectors are selected and accredited by SIP Certified staff, Certification Advisory Committee, and Technical Advisory Committee.

Upon accreditation, new inspectors receive an orientation, a shadow inspection training, and submit a signed copy of the Sustainability in Practice Approved Inspector Agreement to staff.

Inspectors serve “at will” and can be removed from the accredited list at any time.

If you are interested in becoming a third-party wine auditor or know someone who is, please send a CV to