Drink Sustainably With SIP Certified Wines
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Drink Sustainably With SIP Certified Wines

August 21


Don't be fooled by the name, the Syrah Queen, is a wine aficionado and loves all varieties of wines; sparkling, rosés, whites and reds. In a recent article she takes a look at how we as consumers can make choices that are environmentally friendly.

Many grape growers and wineries practice sustainable and organic farming, though not all are certified. They implement practices that are good for the environment and the community, but today many consumers are looking for a way to identify whether the products they are buying are sustainable, organic or biodynamically made.  So winemakers turn to organizations to help them obtain certifications; to help improve their farming practices, as well as help consumers identify their wines as being sustainable.

Plus, she recommednes her top 10 SIP Certifeid wines from Halter Ranch, Baileyana, Bishop's Peak, Castoro Cellars, Chamisal, Fiddlehead, McIntyre, Opolo, Paso de Record, and Roar.

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