Exciting Sustainability Commitments and Updates from Tolosa
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Exciting Sustainability Commitments and Updates from Tolosa

posted: April 28, 2023

Sustainability is all about monitoring and adjusting. Taking the time to plan, measure, and analyze, sustainability initiatives is essential to ensuring progress is being made -- and celebrated!

Since making a pledge in 2021 to eliminate direct and indirect use of fossil fuels by 2040, Tolosa Winery publishes an annual Sustainability Report to feature the incredible progress they are making and describe plans to continue to work toward their sustainability goals.

Here are a few exciting highlights from their second annual Sustainability Report:

  • Re-sourcing their glass bottles to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Switched from canvas totes to recyclable cardboard carriers for wine, and an incentivization plan for turning in or reusing existing canvas totes.
  • Working with neighbors to develop options for recycling plastic wrap.
  • 20% reduction in commuting, plus reduced winery energy usage since the custom crush production team decided to move to a 4/10 work schedule.
  • Employee-designed water nozzles saved nearly 400k gallons of water while making over 136k more gallons of wine.
  • Employee-planted Miyawaki Forest to increase plant and animal biodiversity.
  • Moving toward digital solutions to reduce paper use and waste.
    • Digital newsletter for wine club.
    • Digital work order in the cellar.
    • Electronic invoicing and ACH payments.
  • And so much more!

Congratulations to everyone at Tolosa for continuing to achieve high levels of sustainability.