Have you received your Certificate?
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Have you received your Certificate?

September 8


Have you received your Certificate?

SIP Certified Certification Letters and Certificates are automatically generated and sent via email upon receipt of invoice payment.

If you're still waiting for your invoice, check your spam folder! Invoices and Eligibility Letters were sent from no-reply@vineyardteam.org.

If you need a copy of your invoice:

  • Log in to the database
  • Click "Get Started"
  • Click the pencil icon under "Appl."
  • On the right-hand column under VY Payment/Invoice, click "2022 Invoice"
  • Make checks payable to Vineyard Team, 5915 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93442

Your Certification Letter and Certificate can also be accessed through the Database. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to download your certification documents.


Get your documents from the Database

All of your certification documents from 2021 forward can be accessed through the Database.

Log in to get your:

  • Eligibility letter
  • Invoice
  • Certification letter
  • Certificate

How to usethe Database

The SIP Certified Database is the hub for tracking and handling all of your certification processes and documentation. We want it to be as straightforward for you as possible -- that's why we offer Database training and YouTube tutorials for the most common things you'll be doing in there.

Click here to watch the tutorials.

Looking to buy or sell SIP Certified grapes or wine?

The SIP Certified Classifieds makes it easy to buy and sell sustainably produced grapes and wine! We often get calls and emails from brands looking for SIP Certified grapes and wine, so we developed a free, easy-to-use Classified section on our website where members can post their products, and buyers can easily find them.

Click here to learn how to sell your grapes and/or wine.