Influencer Marketing from Canned Wine Startup
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Influencer Marketing from Canned Wine Startup

June 17


LA Based Canned Wine startup, Besa mi Vino is on a mission to produce clean wine for the world we live in. Not only did they just launch with two wines, they are partnered with elite influencers, estimating to receive millions of impressions of their wines while reaching socially conscious millennial consumers.

The founding brothers want a company that creates wines consumers can feel good about drinking. The days of tossing out stale unfinished glass bottles and wine containing pesticides and animal byproducts are gone. Besa is aiming for consumers with a socially and environmentally conscious mindset.

Their first two wines are a refreshing rose and a crisp white. Both wines are made with organic grapes, refined with no animal byproducts, are low in sulfites and are gluten free. Their single serving cans have a smaller carbon footprint than glass, are recycle friendly and Sustainable in Practice “SIP” certified.

Besa has launched the “Besa Angel” ambassador program, to give equity and perks to an exclusive group of influencers who align with the company’s brand and values in exchange for showcasing their product to their loyal followers. In addition to having skin in the game, the Besa Angels will enjoy perks like new releases, party invites, discounts and more.

Besa’s brand is centered around the state of mind of “being present” in all that you do. When living in the present and enjoying every moment for what it is; happiness, clarity and good decision can occur. Live every day for the gift that it is.

For more information visit Besa di Vino.