Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards
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Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards

March 30


Every five years, the SIP Certified Standards undergo a peer review by representatives from the university and extension system, state and federal agencies, agricultural professionals, and environmental and social organizations. February 2022 was the fourth peer review of the SIP Certified Standards.

SIP Certified maintains a list of experts and representatives from the various fields that are relevant to the SIP Certified Standards. To facilitate the Peer Review, we send these individuals Standards chapters based on their field of expertise, and ask them to carefully review each section and question in that chapter. Reviewers are encouraged to evaluate the clarity and validity of the statements and requirements, and suggest new questions and/ or updates to existing questions.

After careful review and consideration of each individual comment, our Technical Advisory Committee makes improvements, adjustments, and clarifications to the Standards to be published the following year.

This Peer Review process ensures we maintain a robust and comprehensive program, receive insight from experts who aren't directly tied to the program, and keep the Standards up-to-date and relevant in the sustainable agricultural and wine business.

The Peer Review of the 2023 SIP Certified Standards was completed in February 2022 by fifteen experts in various fields. The Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the comments in March 2022. The 2023 SIP Certified Standards will be published by December 1, 2022.

Thank you, 2023 SIP Certified Standards Peer Reviewers

  • Amanda Stewart, Virginia Tech Extension Enology
  • Anthony Bozzano, Bozzano & Co.
  • Audra Cooper, Turrentine Brokerage
  • Brenda Baker, Baker Wine & Grape Analysis
  • Bruce Zoecklein, Virginia Tech
  • Bruch Zoecklein, Virginia Tech Extension Enology
  • Bryan Little, California Farm Bureau
  • Bryan Little, Farm Employers Labor Service
  • Devin Best, RCD
  • Heidi Gibson, Studio 2G
  • Larry Bettiga, University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Miguel Garcia, Napa RCD
  • Molly Scott, JUSTIN Wine
  • Rebecca Chapman, Baker Wine & Grape Analysis
  • Samantha Aguilar, Cambria Wines
  • Sarah Lopez, Central Coast Water Quality Preservation Inc
  • Sonja Brodt, UC SAREP
  • Theresa Kiehn, AgSafe
  • Tom Lorish, Pacific Gas & Electric Company