SIP Certified: A Start to Combat Climate Change
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SIP Certified: A Start to Combat Climate Change

July 15


"Not too long ago, I was at a wine tasting here in Houston led by my pal Jeremy Parzen. Shortly after his presentation began, he asked a simple question: “Who here believes in Climate Change? And who believes it was caused by humans?” As I thrust my right palm toward the ceiling, I scanned the room. I did not see anyone else even flinch."

The Drunken Cyclist asks what can we do to address climate change? Well, for one, we can start buying products that are friendly to the environment. "One way to ensure that, at least with wine, is to look for the SIP Certified seal on the bottle."

Read the whole article and check out his wine recommendations from Center of Effort, Halter Ranch, Lafond, Opolo, and J.Wikes.