SIP Certified and Sheila Kearns Chocolates; The Perfect Pairing
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SIP Certified and Sheila Kearns Chocolates; The Perfect Pairing

posted: July 19, 2021

Developing relationships, creating content, and enjoying culinary delights are all important aspects of running a successful wine brand, not to mention some of the more fun elements. When looking for complimentary brands to partner with, it’s vital that your ethos and overall philosophies are aligned. SIP Certified recently partnered with Sheila Kearns Chocolates in San Luis Obispo to create pairings for a few SIP Certified wines. Kearns’ chocolates are in step with the tenets of SIP Certified as they are ethically sourced, organic, and in eco-friendly packaging. It was a blast to work with Sheila and sommelier Racheal Ponce on these absolutely delicious pairings.

J. Wilkes Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley  

Mexican hot chocolate spice-cinnamon and all-spice with flakes sea salt and candied chillies

Crū Winery Albariño

Peanut butter and milk chocolate Bon Bon, topped with toasted sesame 

Baileyana “The Architects” Pinot Noir

Dark chocolate covered fluffy marshmallow, garam cracker mousse

When working with an artisan like Sheila, it’s best to let their creative side shine and have confidence in their work. We happily handed the wines off to her and were completely blown away by the inventiveness of the pairings. Be it chocolates, savory dishes, or other creative fare, working with a local artisan helps your brand’s reach, develop creative content to use across a multitude of platforms, and helps consumers contextualize your wines’ flavor profiles. Major wins all across the board!

Sheila Kearns, The Luxury Chocolatier